Minutes – GCC Community Meeting 12 April 2017

GCC Community Meeting 12 April 2017 (Gungahlin Library 6:30 – 8:00 pm)

Chair: Peter Elford (president).


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Agenda item 1: Gungahlin town centre planning refresh

Gary Rake Deputy Director-General, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development provided an update on the Gungahlin town centre planning refresh.

Demographics of respondents demonstrate good representations across gender, age and types of households. So far have received 830 responses with approximately coming from a duplicate IP address. Themes identified thus far include:

  • 52% of respondents access the town centre 1-2 times a week, 37% daily
  • Information
  • 80% drive to the town centre
  • Quality of buildings (both in design and construction) was a concern
  • Young demographics want more green spaces
  • 80% wanted to see taller buildings

Following the closing of the survey EPSD will conduct data validation and then present the results within a number of weeks.  In some months a proposal will be put out for further consultation prior to being codified via a territory plan variation. Mr Rake expects that due to the pace of change in Gungahlin there will likely be a requirement to review within the next decade.

Agenda item 2: Transport Canberra Road update

Download (PDF, 1.82MB)

Fleur Flanery from Transport Canberra provide a presentation (available via website) on seven projects currently underway in the Gungahlin region.  Discussions occurred on the following specific items:

  1. Ernest Cavanagh Street – needs to sequenced first to support light rail project
  2. Valley Avenue – to support routing of buses and cars with the closure of Hibberson Street. This item created disccusion in light of recent changes, congestion and the use of Marshalls at intersection of Gizzard and Valley avenues.  There is no intention to put temporary traffic lights.  Transport Canberra is aware of the problems and monitoring.
  3. Hibberson street – plan to consult in mid 2017 on changes.
  4. Horse park – Stage 1 will finish May 17, will then commence following stages almost concurrently. Sulfate soils between Wells station and Federal highway have delayed commencement of works on this stage.

Concerns were raised during the meeting about duplication of Horse Park Drive between Taylor and Moncrief. This led into extended debate about the optimal timing of investment in road infrastructure, most effective use of capital and duplication of works. The view of the meeting was that the community lacked confidence in the Government to provide road infrastructure in a timely fashion to meet Gungahlin’s increasing population and that it always seemed to be behind the curve.

A concern was raised about the park and ride facility being over capacity and requesting the ACT government to examine options including boom gates or permits.  Mr Gary Rake promised to look into the issue and come back to the Council with proposal.

Agenda item 3:  Karl Cloos Roads ACT

Download (PDF, 1.37MB)

Karl Cloos, Roads ACT, provided a brief on the process to plan future road projects (presentation available on website). Pertinent points or outcomes included:

  • Barton highway intersection  – initial data is showing less accidents.
  • Gary Rake stated the government would examine whether traffic data could be released on an open data platform.
  • A question was raised about the impact of the CSIRO site redevelopment, Gary Rake said he was working with CSIRO on this issue and that there would be an agreed amount of funds set aside for infrastructure investments to support the development.
  • The presentation included a map of works proposed for the next 2-5 years which included Nudurr Drive and William Slim Drive. Unfortunately this plan does not take into account the number of residential units being constructed in precinct 2b.

Agenda item 4: Purdon planning consultation on Lot 2 of 59

Richard???, Purdon Planning, proponent for Lot 2 of 59 on Anthony Rolfe Drive (currently a dirt car park behind Community and Family Centre) which is listed for Community Facilities under the Town Plan, wished to consult on proposed uses of the site. He wished to explore the possibility of a mixed use facility, with the first two stories being for community facility whilst the remainder (totalling six stories) for another use. The meeting’s general view was residential was not supported but the following ideas for community facility included: a work hub, tech college, CIT, men’s shed, headspace, mental health out-patient, artist congregation point, training facility provider, and CALMS clinic.

Next Step will be for Purdon Planning to approach ACTPLA and request for scope for planning report to change precinct code and territory plan.  Gary Rake recommend that this be drawn into the Gungahlin Town Centre Planning Refresh if possible.

Minutes taken by Andrew Braddock

Public Meeting 9th November 2016

Roads, LDA, Empire Towers, Eastlake Club

Public Meeting 9th November 2016

Gungahlin Community Council Meeting

Venue: Gungahlin Library
Date: 9th Novmber 2016
Chair: Peter Elford – Meeting commenced at 6.35pm
Community members present: 24 people 6.30pm – 32 present at 7pm
[1] 6:35pm Updates on developments in Gungahlin including Taylor, Throsby, Roads, and Cinema

Download (PDF, 1.74MB)

Information was provided relating to:
· Barton Highway / Gundaroo Rd/ William Slim round-a-bout; will be closed Sunday 13 Nov 9.30pm to 6am Monday. This has the potential to cause significant disruption. Signage will be in place to notify drivers. Other closures will be in place Monday 14 Nov [9.30pm to 6am] Tuesday 15 Nov [9.30pm to 6am] · Manning Clark Cres – Expected to reopen late November
· Extension to Ernest Cavanagh St will be extended during 2017
· Horse Park Drive – Well Station to Anthony Rolfe Ave to be completed mid-2017
· Horse Park Drive – Anthony Rolfe Ave to Mulligans Flat Rd construction expected to commence early 2017
· Horse Park Drive – Federal Hwy to Well Station Dr Work to commence early 2017

Download (PDF, 3.36MB)

Information was provided relating to:
· Moncrieff
· Taylor – Stage 1 being developed – Total for Taylor 25,000 dwellings
· Throsby
· Jacka
· Gungahlin Town Centre
[2] 7:10pm Development Update – Section 224, Blocks 205 – Corner Gundaroo Drive and Goddard Street – Proposed residential Towers

Download (PDF, 5.24MB)

Information provided relating to the proposed development. Proposed to have three building consisting of 26, 26 and 8 storeys.
Attractive shared public realm with active commercial/ retail on the ground floor with 1000 square metres of rooftop dinning and possible tourism related facilities.
Approximately 300 apartments including studio, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments with underground parking.

The developer (Empire Global) aims to have the DA available by the end of 2016.

[3] 7:55pm Eastlake Club Development in Town Centre (Block 1 Section 227 – bounded by Efkarpidis Street, Hinder Street, The Valley Avenue, and Kate Crace Street)

Download (PDF, 596KB)


The presentation was provided by Eastlake Club representatives.  Approximately 3000 square metres of floor space plus underground parking.  The facility will have a number of dining areas and a function area.  An external “pub-like” area will be accessible from the street with facilities available to the public and club members.

8.13pm GCC General Business
The meeting was informed that the Council’s AGM would be held on 14 December – All GCC Executive positions will be declared vacant.   Members were invited to nominate for positions on the GCC Executive.
The meeting concluded at 8.25pm

Road closure – Manning Clark Crescent

Road closure – Manning Clark Crescent

There will be a temporary road closure on Manning Clark Crescent between Flemington Road and Barbara Jefferis Street from next Wednesday 15 June 2016 until late September 2016.

The closure is to enable the construction of kerbs, traffic islands and the upgrade of traffic signals at the intersection of Manning Clark Crescent and Flemington Road as part of the work to extend Manning Clark Crescent to Anthony Rolfe Avenue. Pedestrian access will remain open along Manning Clark Crescent and through the Flemington Road intersection but, to maintain safety for pedestrians, people may be detoured via a temporary footpath. Cyclists may use the footpath or on-road cyclists will be detoured via Elizabeth Jolley Crescent.

This letter has been distributed to 4,500 Harrison, Franklin and Gungahlin residents.

Download (PDF, 1.03MB)

Any inquiries should be directed to EDcommunity@act.gov.au or they can call Access Canberra and ask for Simon Lansdown.

Temporary weekend road closures on Flemington Road

Temporary weekend road closures on Flemington Road

Flemington Road will be temporarily closed between Wizard Street and Kate Crace Street in Gungahlin from 7am to 5pm on Saturday 28 May and Sunday 29 May 2016.

The road closures will allow for traffic light conduits to be installed (involving digging trenches) across the Flemington Road intersection, as part of the work to extend Manning Clark Crescent from Flemington Road to Anthony Rolfe Avenue. The upgrade will create convenient alternative routes and better traffic flow around the Gungahlin town centre when completed in September 2016.

Flemington Road will be closed from 7am to 5pm on Saturday 28 May and Sunday 29 May 2016. In the event of bad weather the work will be delayed to the following weekend. Alternative routes during the road closure are via Kate Crace Street, Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Wizard Street, as shown on the map below. Detour signs will be in place to direct traffic. Access via Flemington Road service roads will remain open for local residents.

We remind motorists to drive carefully, obey the speed limits and follow traffic management signs and instructions. We thank residents and road users for their patience.

Download (PDF, 1.38MB)

Public Meeting 11th May 2016

Gungahlin Community Council Public Meeting
Date:   11th May 2016

Horse Park Duplication and Gungahlin Roads, Meegan Fitzharris, Minister for Transport

Horse Park Drive – Stage 2 – Wells Station Drive to Federal Highway + ANthony Role to Mulligans
– Continuous shared path from Majura Parkway
– Car park for 25-30 cards at Goorooyaroo
– Katherine Ave will get signals
– 2+ years to complete
– 3 bridges
– Bikeway and underpass at Harrison
– There is a public consultation process underway online
Roundabout at Barton Highway
– Completing late 2016
Gungahlin Drive Upgrade
– Complete in June 2016
Gundaroo Drive Duplication
– Going slow due to remediation of concrete slabs protecting gas mains
Town Centre East
– Mid 2017 completion
– Watch out for road closures
– Upgrades to intersections coming

Gungahlin Roads, Alistair Coe, Shadow Minister for Transport

– Gundaroo Drive duplication  could be done more cheaply using 10-12m median
– Details of proposed bus plan including dispersed services, colour coding, single fare

 ACT Election and Electorates, Rohan Spence, Deputy Electoral Commissioner

May Road Closures – Manning Clark Crescent, Anthony Rolfe Avenue, Hamer Street

The ACT government have advised there will be road closures as detailed below related to The Valley Ave / Manning Clark Cres extension and Horse Park Drive duplication. These will be distributed to residents nearby the work areas.

· Manning Clark Crescent will be closed in both directions on Saturday 7 May and Saturday 14 May 2016. This closure will enable the construction of new water mains and utility services across Manning Clark Crescent. Pedestrian access will remain open but people may be detoured via a temporary footpath.

· Hamer Street between Mary Gillespie Avenue and Flemington Road will close from Tuesday 17 May 2016 for up to three days. Access will remain open along Hamer Street between Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Mary Gillespie Avenue.

· As part of the final stages of work at the Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Horse Park Drive intersection, an asphalt overlay will be placed. This work will be undertaken on two consecutive nights, between Wednesday 11 and Thursday 19 May 2016 (exact dates are dependent on weather and scheduling). To reduce the impact on traffic the work will take place at night, from 7 pm to 6 am and will not occur over the weekend.

Download (PDF, 1.03MB)

Download (PDF, 1003KB)

Public Meeting 13th April 2016

Gungahlin Community Council Public Meeting

Date: 13 April 2016
Chair: Peter Elford
Committee members in attendance: David Pollard; Jacob Vadakkedatthu; Henley Samuel; and Ian Ruecroft
Apologies: Keven Cox and Alistair Coe

Community members present: 33 people signed the meeting attendance sheet

Meeting commenced at 6.35pm

Tennis ACT

Download (PDF, 546KB)

Ross Triffitt provided the meeting with an overview of tennis in the ACT. At this time there is no dedicated tennis facilities in Gungahlin. Tennis ACT is actively progressing exploring options for establishing a multi-use facility that would cater for tennis activities. It is envisaged that this facility would incorporate meeting rooms, a café and outdoor tennis facilities.

Tennis ACT is not in a position to develop the facility as a standalone organisation. They are looking for a partner organisation to join them in planning, developing and using the joint facility. Ideally this partner organisation would be a sporting organisation. Tennis ACT requested the community to provide contact details of any organisations which may be interested in forming a cooperative partnership.

Tennis ACT advised the meeting that not Gungahlin site had been identified for the facility at this time but a number of sites were being considered.

Integrated Transport

Jason Hinder provided the meeting with information relating to ACT transport at the present time and into the future. Factors which impact on Gungahlin’s transport environment include:
• Population growth
• The Northbourne Avenue corridor’s current traffic issues
• The impact that light rail will have in Gungahlin and along Northbourne

Gungahlin Cinema

Kieran Fordham provided the meeting with information relating to planning for the cinema complex. This facility will be built on the block opposite the post office and will eventually cover the site bounded by Hibberson St; Hinder St; Efkarpidis St and Kate Crace St. Development specifications:

• 3300 Square metre retail mall contained within a complex that is three and four stories
• There will be no residential development within the complex
• The complex will have underground parking on a scale similar to other building in the Gungahlin Town Centre
• The site will be developed in two halves
• External appearance will be unique with a factory appearance with a sawtooth roofline
• Facilities will contain 8 cinemas; restaurants; speciality retail shopping and outdoor market square; with professional apartments on the upper levels
The DA is expected to be lodged mid 2016 with construction commencing at the end of 2016. 18 to 24 months construction period.

Roadworks in Gungahlin

Download (PDF, 1.37MB)

Tony Gill (Director Roads ACT) and Jennie Gilles (Environmental Services Manager Roads ACT) provided the meeting with an update on the Nudurr Drive environmental audit report. The report is to evaluate the site to establish factors which may need to be taken into account when developing plans for Nudurr Drive to be constructed at a future time, estimated to be between the years 2020 to 2025. The audit established:
• That the existing asbestos deposits did not pose contamination issues for construction of the road
• Additional fill was required in some areas of the site to bring the site to current standards. This is not urgent but will be programmed for future works
• Underground water flows were being assess to enable protocols to be developed to be applied prior to and during construction of the roadGeneral discussion took place relating to roads and roadworks within the Gungahlin district.

Transport Canberra and City Services update

Download (PDF, 2.74MB)

The Minister for Transport and Municipal Services Meegan Fitzharris MLA, and Emma Thomas, Director-General of Capital Metro Agency, provided an overview of the ACT Government’s new agency, Transport Canberra and City Services, which will bring together ACTION buses, light rail, active travel and local services from 1 July 2016. The update included:
• Northbourne Avenue congestion and associated issues
• Planning for integration of busses light rail and other modes of transport
• Renewable power source for light rail will be 100% renewable energy
• Light rail construction will be complete (for the Civic Gungahlin section) by late 2018 to early 2019Discussion took place relating to: 1) The sharing of “MYway” data; 2) Park-and-ride facilities at the Casey shops, with routes to Civic and Woden via Gungahlin Drive/ Barry Drive and Hindmarsh Drive.

Gungahlin Town Centre

Other issues discussed with the Minister, related to the Gungahlin Town Centre (GTC). These matters were: 1) Parking in the GTC; 2) Refresh of planning for the CTC; 3) Traffic lights in the GTC especially along the Valley Way; 4) Pedestrian crossings in the GTC especially adjacent to the current park-and-ride carpark; 5) Options for progressing pedestrian/ vehicle access along Hibberson Street during shopping hours; 6) Undertaking a survey of movement around the GTC.

Other matters

Members of the community highlighted issues associated with the duplication of Gundaroo Road. Although members of the Gungahlin community attended community consultations relating to the duplication of Gungahlin Drive, some of the issues raised appear to have been disregarded.
During the consultation workshops there was a commitment made that “Quite Road” surface would be applied to the road. There was also agreement that noise abatement barriers would be constructed in appropriate locations; and that this noise abatement would be installed prior to duplication works taking place.
The meeting concluded at 9.15pm

Public Meeting 10 February 2016

Gungahlin Community Council Public Meeting

10 February 2016

Chair: Peter Elford

Agenda Item 1. Roads Update

Ben McHugh, Capital Projects ACT Roads
Julie Pearson, EDD

Download (PDF, 2.08MB)

And see also http://www.tams.act.gov.au/roads-transport/major-construction-projects/gungahlin

Gundaroo Drive Duplication – Stage 1
– First ground broken
– 12 months work
– Includes bus queue jumps
– Does not include Valley Drive Extension West
– Major work item is bridge duplication

Gungahlin Drive
– Adding 3rd Southbound lane at Mitchell
– Left lane from Sandford Drive to Barton Highway will be Barton Highway exit Southbound
– Expected completion mid-2016

Bus Station
– Gungahlin Place
– Design Phase
– DA yet to be lodged

Barton Highway Roundabout
– Shared path on new separate bridge
– Allows 3 lanes of through traffic
– Expected completion late 2016

Planned (ie. designs complete), but not funded projects
– Stage 2 Gundaroo Drive (Gungahlin Drive to Barton Highway)
– Valley Way Extension (West)
– William Slim Duplication

GCC expressed a desire to have input to relative priorities of projects based on resident feedback.

– Development of Throsby has resulted in upgrades to Horse Park Drive
– Stage 1 – Anthony Rolfe Intersection
– Stage 2 – Duplication to Well Station Drive
– Designs underway for duplication of remainder, ie. Wells Station to Federal Highway, Anthony Rolfe to Mulligans Flat
– Signals to be installed at Mapleton
– There will be an underpass under Horse Park Drive between Throsby and Harrison

Town Centre East
– Work has commenced on extension of Manning Clark and The Valley Way (East)
– Expected completion September 2016

Drop-in Sessions scheduled for 17/3 and 18/3