Latest DAs for Gungahlin

Gungahlin Community Council use Planning Alerts to provide details of development applications that are notified publicly by the ACT Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning. You can have Planning Alerts send you an email on development applications in your area as they are notified.

You can also access planning notifications directly from  Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate . The following is an extract of the public applications selected by GCC that principally relate to the Gungahlin area based on a broad search (it may contain some overlapping streets from adjacent suburbs)
Note: This list may not be completely representative of all local DAs  – please refer to the  EPSDD site for complete data.

If you think an application may affect you in any way you may submit your comments (representations) to the Applications Secretariat by email, mail or delivery to the EDP-P customer service centre at 16 Challis St Dickson Your comments must be received by EPSDD during the specified public notification period. Comments received outside that period will not be considered.

EPSDD have developed an App to help and the App can also notify you of any Development Application – click to access

Latest 10 DAs for Gungahlin

Development Application: 201834800

53 Dacre Street, Mitchell, ACT

Desecription: RECONSIDERATION OF REFUSED DECISION - Proposed signage to the existing new building along Well Station Drive.

Period for representations closes: 2020-09-09

Development Application: 202037333

Mirrabei Drive & 130 The Valley Avenue, Ngunnawal, ACT

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR PUBLIC WORKS - Install underground electrical infrastructure and associated works.

Period for representations closes: 2020-08-28

Development Application: 202036896

6 Gold Creek Road, Nicholls, ACT

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR A NEW CARWASH - Construction of new car wash service station, including self-service car wash bays, automated car wash, vacuum bays and dog wash area with associated structures, plant room, waste storage, landscaping and associated works

Period for representations closes: 2020-08-07

Development Application: 201833727

54 Kelleway Avenue, Nicholls, ACT

Desecription: AMENDMENT TO APPROVED DA201833727. Amendment to the development application for proposal for a new temple - the amendment is to add walls to enclose the two veranda areas

Period for representations closes: 2020-08-10

Development Application: 202036937

5 Musca Place, Giralang, ACT

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR MULTI-UNIT DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - demolition of the existing dwelling and tree removal, construction of 2 new single storey dwellings, attached garages, landscaping and associated works. Lease variation to allow supportive housing.

Period for representations closes: 2020-07-08

Development Application: 202037015

12 Callan Street, Mitchell, ACT

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS TO EXISTING COMMERICAL DEVELOPMENT - Installation of a fire water tank at Block 18, which will support the proposed change of class of an existing building on Block 17 to a class 9b building.

Period for representations closes: 2020-07-01

Development Application: 202036786

8 Gidjili Place, Giralang, ACT

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR NEW DWELLING AND SECONDARY RESIDENCE - Demolition of the existing dwelling, garage and driveway and the construction of a two storey dwelling, single storey secondary residence, landscaping, retaining wall and associated works.

Period for representations closes: 2020-06-29

Development Application: 202037187

230 Clarrie Hermes Drive, Nicholls, ACT

Desecription: FOR NEW SINGLE STOREY INDUSTRIAL BUILDING - Construction of a new single storey shed, reinstate a window in existing building and associated works.

Period for representations closes: 2020-06-29

Development Application: 202037230

2 Minty Grove, Casey, ACT

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT - Construction of new 3 storey commercial building, signage and associated works.

Period for representations closes: 2020-06-29

Development Application: 201732666

92 Swain Street, Gungahlin, ACT

Desecription: AMENDMENT TO APPROVED DA201732666. Amendment to the development application proposal for a 15 storey mixed use commercial and residential development and lease variation - The amendment seeks to increase the number of residential units from 270 to 290, additional communal facilities (pool and spa) and 27 parking spaces with an overall gross floor area (GFA) increase of 360sqm. Changes to the ground floor include the removal residential, mezzanine level and addition of commercial tenancies fronting Gozzard and Swain Streets. Proposal also includes facade changes to materials, louvres, balustrades and minor structural building amendments to facilitate the above mentioned changes. All detailed amendments are shown within the supporting documentation (SUPP-201732666-S197D-AMENDMENTS-01).

Period for representations closes: 2020-06-09

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