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The Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) is a voluntary, not for profit, community-based association operating in the Gungahlin district of Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory. Our objective is to preserve and improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of Gungahlin and the Gungahlin community.

Important – we are not a local government

The main contact for state and local government matters is the ACT Government through Access Canberra phone 13 22 81 or www.accesscanberra.act.gov.au.

If you have enquiries relating to government issues, we also may be able to help you.

Latest News

  • Roads Minister Responds - Interesections to be Reviewed
    Roads Minister Responds – Interesections to be Reviewed
    22 May 2022 by
    In October 2021 the GCC wrote to Roads Minister Chris Steel seeking more information regarding accidents and crashes in Gungahlin, and seeking a regular meeting with City Services to ensure matters of interest to Gungahlin residents can be raised, tracked and actioned. Detailed crash data was provided late in 2021...
  • NBN Upgrade for Casey Stage 1
    NBN Upgrade for Casey Stage 1
    12 May 2022 by
    In January 2021 the Combined Community Councils of the ACT launched a campaign to secure a portion of NBN’s $4.5B FTTN upgrade program for Canberra. This led to 10 suburbs in south and inner north Canberra being added to this program in May 2021 (Canberra suburbs to be upgraded to...

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