Cycling Infrastructure Working Group

The GCC is developing a list of cycling infrastructure needs (projects) for Gungahlin. Please particpipate by email, through online forums scheduled for Monday 11 May (7:30pm) and Thursday 14 May (7:30pm)  (email us to get meeting details), or by just leaving a comment below. We’ll be aligning this work to

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GCC Submission to Gungahlin Town Centre Planning Refresh (DV364)

The GCC has major concerns about changes proposed to the planning and development rules for the Gungahlin Town Centre. Late in 2019 the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) released Draft Variation (DV) 364 to the Territory Plan to implement the outcomes of the Town Centre Planning Refresh, a

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With the development of new suburbs towards the northern extremities of the ACT air traffic noise is likely to be an issue of increasing importance.  The GCC favours the upgrade of Canberra Airport to accommodate limited international air traffic & can see merit in the increased (but limited) usage of

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Community Group Notices

The Gungahlin Community Council newsletter, Gunsmoke (Gungahlin Smoke Signals), publishes community group meeting notices for free. Notices for not-for-profit organisations operating in Gungahlin will be printed in calling card size (9cm by 5 cm). All the information needed is: – Name of the Community Group – Where it meets –

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The Gungahlin Community Council receives support and funding from the ACT Government

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