The GCC is developing a list of cycling infrastructure needs (projects) for Gungahlin. Please particpipate by email, through online forums scheduled for Monday 11 May (7:30pm) and Thursday 14 May (7:30pm)  (email us to get meeting details), or by just leaving a comment below.

We’ll be aligning this work to the advocacy of Pedal Power and their infrastructure projects and types:

Project Type
Missing Cycling Network LinksDevelop main routes by filling missing links, ideally by constructing separated cycleways/shared paths within the road/park corridor.
Upgrade Crossings where principal routes intersect with roadsConstruct priority crossings, including raised crossings where appropriate, and redesigning to ensure waiting vehicles do not block paths.
Active Travel StreetsConverting side streets into cycle friendly routes using cost-effective techniques such as traffic calming and traffic diverting to create a low speed environment.
Path UpgradesThis category relates to small scale projects.
Separation Projects (to improve safety)Construct cycleways to separate bikes from fast moving traffic, provide more direct commuter routes and separate bikes from pedestrians on congested routes
ACT Country RoadsImprove road and associated infrastructure to provide safer cycling on ACT country roads.
Group and Service CentresThe major town centres have been funded for improvements in cycling. However, the smaller and outlying group and service centres have been neglected and need attention.

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  1. Suggest we need more secure (lock-up) bike storage near light rail stops to facilitate bike and ride trips, better lighting overall on bike tracks (high use thoroughfares), and better separation of bike lanes from roads (for an example Copenhagen has a good matrix for bike path separation depending on the road speed limit).

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