Public Meeting 12th October 2016

Gungahlin Community Council Meeting

Venue: Forde Community Centre

Date: 12 October 2016

Chair: Henley Samuel`- Meeting commenced at 6.40pm

Community members present: 35 people were at the meeting at 6.30pm

[1] Gungahlin Block 2 Section 224, KDN Group

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“Lumi” Residential Development

This development is located on the corner of Gribble St and Swain St with frontage to Gundaroo Rd. It will be adjacent to a number of other large residential/ commercial developments. A rough calculation is that there will be approximately 600 – 1000 new apartments in this local area of the Gungahin Town centre.

Lumi will be in two separate blocks (1 of 14 stories and 1 of 7 stories); it will have ground floor commercial development with 145 apartments (apartment mix – 35% 1 bed room/ 46% 2 bed room/ 19% 3 bed room). There will be 204 carparks.

Following the presentation there was considerable discussion. The majority of comment related to 1) parking; 2) traffic flows and the impact on the local road network; 3) what benefit these developments may be able to contribute to the community. It was suggested that the developers should combine their resources to encourage/ assist the government to construct a walk and cycle bridge over Gundaroo Road.

[1] NBN Update

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Jonathon James provided information on behalf of nbn (see GCC website for the presentation).

There are approximately 600 houses in Casey Stage 1. This development was not provided with facility to accommodate NBN. Many residents have expended considerable time and effort trying to obtain information relating to when NBN will be available to this area.

Residents have been advised that they will be required to pay a fee before nbn will provide a quotation for fibre to the house connection. The meeting was advised nbn expect “fibre to the curb” will be available to Casey Stage1 by mid-2017.

The meeting was provided with comments from members of the community impacted by this oversight in planning/ development. Given that this is a suburb that has only been recently developed the meeting was able to relate to the frustration of the Casey Stage1 residents. Casey Stage1 residents are fully aware that this situation is having a considerable impact on the value of their properties.

The meeting concluded at 8.25pm

Public Meeting 10th August 2016

Gungahlin Community Council Meeting – Gungahlin Library

Date: 10 August 2016
Chair: Peter Elford
Committee members in attendance: Peter Elford; David Pollard; Henley Samuel; John Pippen; Prasad Tipirneni; Keven Cox and Ian Ruecroft
Apologies: NilCommunity members present: 23 people counted at 7.15pm – 17 people signed the attendance sheetsMeeting commenced at 6.30pm

[1] Woolworths upgrade and extension

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Phil Knapstadt (Vinta Group) provided information to the meeting. Summary talking points were:
• Car park to open next week;
• The new complex will open mid-September. Kmart will be the main tenant with specialist retail and coffee shop/ restaurant services also available
• Woolworths renovations should be completed by mid-September;
• A new bus shelter will be reinstated to Hibberson St (same location as prior the commencement of construction). The shelter will be relocated when the ACT Government has completed transition of bus routes and infrastructure to Gungahlin Place.. This will be relocated tension).
• Car parking will bet two hours free with parking charges to apply after that time. Access will be from Ernest Cavanagh St with under road (Hibberson St) to the current carpark. Access to the current carpark is from Gozzard St and Efkarpidis St.
• Wilson Security has been contracted to provide policing of parking

[2] Block 5 Section 209

Download (PDF, 2.01MB)

Trevor Fitzpatrick, Marcus Graham, Vikram Chevli and Stewart Architects provided information to the meeting. Summary talking points were:

• DA is being prepared for a development comprising of commercial, residential and car parking. Pod Projects will be the developer.
• The complex is designed to be three towers – being 18 stories; 14 stories and 8 stories. This will complement the Geocom development. The two developments are working together to minimise duplication and seeking to share access corridors wherever possible.
• It is proposed that there will be 181 apartments in the complex. Approximately 300 carparks will be available for the complex (over five stories of car parking).
• Apartment mix will be 50% 1 bedroom; 33% 2 bedroom; with the remainder being 3 bedroom and penthouse apartments.
• The ground floor of the complex will be commercial. No details of probable tennants at this time.
• The building is being designed to have a lifespan exceeding 50 years.
• Entry and exit capacity will be designed to meet development guidelines and quality presentation criteria.
• External appearance (including lighting and gardens) will reflect the standards of a high quality development.
• Affordable housing requirements have not been mandated for the development.

Following general discussion and questions the meeting was informed that this consultation (with the Gungahlin community) would provide a guide for the design team to consider all suggestions and issues that have been identified.

[3] Cinema complex development


The meeting was addressed by Kieran Fordham (representing Lockbridge) Summary talking points were:
• Some amount of redesign has been required to reflect the changed traffic flow and shopfront vision for the development. The proposed light rail corridor and the removal of buses, cars and taxis along Hibberson St dramatically changes how the complex will be entered and how the complex will be presented along the Hibberson St frontage.
• At this time it is intended that the DA will be submitted “soon”
• Constructions should commence mid-2017 with Stage 1 opening mid-2018[4] Meet the candidates meeting – 14 September 2016
The venue has not been finalised at this time.
[ UPDATE – Meet the Candidates will be 6:30-8:30pm at the St John Paul II College Theatre, 1021 Gungahlin Dr, Nicholls ]
The meeting concluded at 8.10pm

Public Meeting 13th April 2016

Gungahlin Community Council Public Meeting

Date: 13 April 2016
Chair: Peter Elford
Committee members in attendance: David Pollard; Jacob Vadakkedatthu; Henley Samuel; and Ian Ruecroft
Apologies: Keven Cox and Alistair Coe

Community members present: 33 people signed the meeting attendance sheet

Meeting commenced at 6.35pm

Tennis ACT

Download (PDF, 546KB)

Ross Triffitt provided the meeting with an overview of tennis in the ACT. At this time there is no dedicated tennis facilities in Gungahlin. Tennis ACT is actively progressing exploring options for establishing a multi-use facility that would cater for tennis activities. It is envisaged that this facility would incorporate meeting rooms, a café and outdoor tennis facilities.

Tennis ACT is not in a position to develop the facility as a standalone organisation. They are looking for a partner organisation to join them in planning, developing and using the joint facility. Ideally this partner organisation would be a sporting organisation. Tennis ACT requested the community to provide contact details of any organisations which may be interested in forming a cooperative partnership.

Tennis ACT advised the meeting that not Gungahlin site had been identified for the facility at this time but a number of sites were being considered.

Integrated Transport

Jason Hinder provided the meeting with information relating to ACT transport at the present time and into the future. Factors which impact on Gungahlin’s transport environment include:
• Population growth
• The Northbourne Avenue corridor’s current traffic issues
• The impact that light rail will have in Gungahlin and along Northbourne

Gungahlin Cinema

Kieran Fordham provided the meeting with information relating to planning for the cinema complex. This facility will be built on the block opposite the post office and will eventually cover the site bounded by Hibberson St; Hinder St; Efkarpidis St and Kate Crace St. Development specifications:

• 3300 Square metre retail mall contained within a complex that is three and four stories
• There will be no residential development within the complex
• The complex will have underground parking on a scale similar to other building in the Gungahlin Town Centre
• The site will be developed in two halves
• External appearance will be unique with a factory appearance with a sawtooth roofline
• Facilities will contain 8 cinemas; restaurants; speciality retail shopping and outdoor market square; with professional apartments on the upper levels
The DA is expected to be lodged mid 2016 with construction commencing at the end of 2016. 18 to 24 months construction period.

Roadworks in Gungahlin

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Tony Gill (Director Roads ACT) and Jennie Gilles (Environmental Services Manager Roads ACT) provided the meeting with an update on the Nudurr Drive environmental audit report. The report is to evaluate the site to establish factors which may need to be taken into account when developing plans for Nudurr Drive to be constructed at a future time, estimated to be between the years 2020 to 2025. The audit established:
• That the existing asbestos deposits did not pose contamination issues for construction of the road
• Additional fill was required in some areas of the site to bring the site to current standards. This is not urgent but will be programmed for future works
• Underground water flows were being assess to enable protocols to be developed to be applied prior to and during construction of the roadGeneral discussion took place relating to roads and roadworks within the Gungahlin district.

Transport Canberra and City Services update

Download (PDF, 2.74MB)

The Minister for Transport and Municipal Services Meegan Fitzharris MLA, and Emma Thomas, Director-General of Capital Metro Agency, provided an overview of the ACT Government’s new agency, Transport Canberra and City Services, which will bring together ACTION buses, light rail, active travel and local services from 1 July 2016. The update included:
• Northbourne Avenue congestion and associated issues
• Planning for integration of busses light rail and other modes of transport
• Renewable power source for light rail will be 100% renewable energy
• Light rail construction will be complete (for the Civic Gungahlin section) by late 2018 to early 2019Discussion took place relating to: 1) The sharing of “MYway” data; 2) Park-and-ride facilities at the Casey shops, with routes to Civic and Woden via Gungahlin Drive/ Barry Drive and Hindmarsh Drive.

Gungahlin Town Centre

Other issues discussed with the Minister, related to the Gungahlin Town Centre (GTC). These matters were: 1) Parking in the GTC; 2) Refresh of planning for the CTC; 3) Traffic lights in the GTC especially along the Valley Way; 4) Pedestrian crossings in the GTC especially adjacent to the current park-and-ride carpark; 5) Options for progressing pedestrian/ vehicle access along Hibberson Street during shopping hours; 6) Undertaking a survey of movement around the GTC.

Other matters

Members of the community highlighted issues associated with the duplication of Gundaroo Road. Although members of the Gungahlin community attended community consultations relating to the duplication of Gungahlin Drive, some of the issues raised appear to have been disregarded.
During the consultation workshops there was a commitment made that “Quite Road” surface would be applied to the road. There was also agreement that noise abatement barriers would be constructed in appropriate locations; and that this noise abatement would be installed prior to duplication works taking place.
The meeting concluded at 9.15pm