1. Gungahlin Roads Update – Ben McHugh
    Pre-ReadingGungahlin Road Projects Status
  2. Gold Creek Homestead Sale – What Does the Community Want ? – GCC
    Pre-Reading – Gold Creek Homestead, is it worth saving?
  3. Air Towers Development Update – GCC
    Pre-ReadingAir Towers Development Application Update
  4. New Bus Network Update – GCC
    Pre-ReadingTransport Canberra Phase 1 Consultation
  5. Implementing Active Living Principles in Canberra through Territory Plan Variation 348, Dr Anthony Burton and Annie Kentwell, Heart Foundation ACT
  1. If you’re going to be holding a Public Meeting and genuinely want feedback, perhaps it would make more sense to hold it on a weekend when working people can attend.

    • Hi Veronika – That’s an interesting suggestion. The GCC is made up of volunteers most of whom work (other community councils in other parts of Canberra often have many retired members) so we are all giving up time to make it happen. We could certainly try a weekend meeting and see how it goes … I’ll raise it with the GCC executive. Peter

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