The reconsidered Development Application (DA) for the high-rise residential project known as The Establishment (formerly Air Towers) has been approved (with a long list of conditions). The GCC does not support this development and is very disappointed with this outcome.

What’s Going on With all the Work Being Done at The Establishment site ? provides a summary of the history of this development.

The Notice of Decision and the 60 page detailed attachment for the Reconsidered DA includes the following comments – key points underlined:

The original decision is amended as above because the revised proposal as provided by the applicant for reconsideration demonstrated that subject to the conditions of approval imposed in Attachment A, the proposal is not inconsistent with the Territory Plan.
The decision has been revised as a result of an application for reconsideration in accordance with Section 191 of the Planning and Development Act 2007 (Act).

Key issues identified in the assessment of the Reconsideration proposal are whether the proposed amendments results in a development that is substantially the same as the approved development as required by S198(6) of the Act, building appearance, amenity of future residents with increased yield, interface with adjoining childcare centre, ease of conversion of adaptable units, landscaping, resident access to on-site communal spaces, bicycle parking, noise mitigation measures, leasing and compliance with relevant entity requirements. The planning and land authority sought further information from the applicant to address these issues.

Consequently, the applicant submitted further information to address the above issues which revised the proposal generally as per the approved development. It is considered that after the amendment, the development approved will be substantially the same as the development for which approval was originally given.

In other words – Because the proposal is roughly the same as the DA approved in 2018 (which was a very poor decision with an associated very poor Notice of Decision), and it was consistent with the current Territory Plan (which is known and acknowledged to be broken), the proposal has been approved.

As noted above, the GCC is very disappointed with this outcome.

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  1. Well there is no surprise here. It’s the same incompetents assessing the applications. Why fir pity sake were the 2018 conditions used to assess this, the answer the decision could not have gone any other way as the deals have already been done. Again corruption all the way to the top of ACT Planning.

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