Gungahlin Community Council Public Meeting
Date: 9th March 2016
Chair: David Pollard

Committee members in attendance: Jacob Vadakkedatthu; John Phippen; Prasad; Henley Samuel; Kevin Cox

Committee members absent with apologies: Peter Elford, Ian Ruecroft

Community members present: 10 people signed the meeting attendance sheet
Minister Megan Fitzhenry attended.
Jason Hinder from labour
Meeting commenced at 6.37pm

Climate Change adaptation strategy

Presenters Antonio Mozqueira – Manager Climate Change, Lachlan Duncan Policy Officer, Scott Walker Community Engagement Officer
From Environment and Planning Directory ACT Government

The Draft ACT Climate Change Adaptation Strategy was handed out.
A call for community members to “have their say” at
Community Members are invited to fill out a questionnaire and to make a submission on the Strategy.
There is also a survey on the City and Gateway Urban Renewal Strategy at the same website.

It was reported that 15 out of 18 actions in the Climate Change Strategy are in progress.

Question from the floor

How can we contribute?
A: Visit the website and make submissions. Make suggestions and say whether strategy looks OK.
What is the status of funding?
Funding for the adaption strategy study is in place. Much of the future funding is already embedded in existing programs.
Will the feed in tariff on solar panels be reinstated?
There is a price paid for excess power generated and fed into the grid. It is now a commercial arrangement between the electricity retailer and the owner of the panels.

Woodlands and Wetlands Trust – Mulligan’s flat

Jason Cummings presented.
The presentation concentrated on Mulligan’s flat but mention was made of Jerrabomberra Wetlands that comes under the trust.
Information provided can be found at
Background, Reintroductions, outreach, sanctuary expansion, visiting
box-gum grassy woodland has been cleared
Mulligan’s Flat and is the largest area of uncleared box-gum grassy woodlands in public ownership.
Every Friday night the Bettong Buddies outreach program is held.
There is a Turtle patrol of local volunteers saving turtles having difficulty crossing the perimeter fence.
It is proposed to extend the enclosure fences.
There will be a new Woodland learning site in Throsby
Jerrabomberra wetlands is expanding visitor facilities

Questions from the floor
How effective is fence?
Very. No foxes have entered the enclosure. The few cats have been quickly removed.
How can we control foxes in the urban area?
Foxes are controlled on the farmed areas but not in Canberra urban area. There is no safe strategy to control them.
How well do residents obey the cat regulations?
There have been no fines. Reports of non compliance are handled with a low touch approach by government. This has been successful but the approach is continually monitored.
Are the Wetlands ok for wheel chairs?
Yes. Mulligans will be better when they move to Throsby

Meeting closed 7:45pm.

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