Election Forum

Gungahlin Community Council Meeting

Purpose of the meeting – Meet the candidates prior to the ACT 2016 election

Venue: St John Paul II College (Nicholls)

Date: 14 September 2016

Chair: Peter Elford

Meeting commenced at 6.40pm

Community members present: 48 people were at the meeting at 6.30pm – 61 people were at the meeting at 8:20pm

Candidates who provided information: Jayson Hinder (ACT Labor); David Pollard (Independent);
Casey Heffernan (Like Canberra); Jacob Vaddakedathu (Canberra Liberals); James Milligan (Canberra Liberals); Alistair Coe (Canberra Liberals); Megan Fitzharris (ACT Labor); Violet Sheridan (Sustainable Australia); Dave Green (Liberal Democrats); Paul Gabriel (Sustainable Australia); Veronica Wensing (Greens); Andrew Braddock (Greens) ; Tobias Holm (Greens);

The purpose of the meeting is to provide the Gungahlin community with the opportunity to receive information from each of the candidates relating to their qualities which provide them with the skillset to represent the community should they be successful in being elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly. Each candidate was given a two-minute timeframe to provide the meeting with information relating to their experience, skills and priorities.

Questions, which had been submitted prior to the meeting were asked by the meeting Chair, with responses provided by individual candidates and/ or representatives of the political party. On completion of submitted questions the meeting was invited to submit questions from the floor.

The information provided by each candidate and the Q&A component of the meeting was recorded and uploaded to the GCC website and the GCC on-line media portals.

The meeting concluded at 8.40pm

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