Public Housing Renewal – Gungahlin Town Centre

As part of the ACT Government’s Public Housing Renewal project, and consistent with the ACT’s long history of distributing public housing throughout the community, a number of public housing projects in Gungahlin have been recently completed in Amaroo, Moncrieff, and Nicholls, and commenced in Taylor and Throsby. Details can be found here.

Planning approval has been completed for two new public housing projects in the Gungahlin Town Centre.  Some details for these developments are shown below

Block 1 Section 248 – Corner of Kate Crace, Ernest Cavanagh and Anthony Rolfe

Block 4 Section 249 – Corner of Manning Clark and Valley Way

  1. Research has shown for years that spot building/purchasing is an affordable and effective way to provide high quality public housing and help tenants be part of the whole community without shame. Large/dedicated public housing developments are at very high risk of turning into stigmatised areas or even ghettos (e.g., the Stuart flats in Griffith and the developments that have been taken down in Nthbourne Ave and Cooyong St). Dedicated public housing developments should not be built.

    • Hi Xanthe – I would be interested in a pointer to that research. The public housing developments in the Gungahlin town centre are relatively modest (2 x 32 units). There are other housing styles built in other areas. Peter

  2. Has the name of The Valley Way been changed officially to Valley Way, as per these drawings and, I noticed, the new street signage that has been erected at the intersection with Gungahlin Place?

    The street is named after the historic house and property called “The Valley”, the remains of which are still in place adjacent to Burgmann Anglican School.

    • Hi Shane – to the best of my knowledge, and based on other material, it should be The Valley Way. I suspect it’s a drawing error.

  3. I have just been to fix an air conditioning system leaking water in one of these units and have found that the drains do not comply with Australian standards and have not been commissioned and or tested.
    Shoddy workmanship and the ACT government should jump on this before they wreck the walls and floors.
    These systems should have been inspected prior to tennants moving in
    I can see a lot of money, our money being wasted to fix up faults that should have been dealt with during building.
    I bet this is not the only system installed incorrectly
    The units are The Tewantin appartments 200 Valley Way

    • The GCC is a volunteer group that does community engagement. Public and social housing is managed by the ACT government. You can contact them on 132281.

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