NBN Technology Deployment in southern parts of Casey, Gungahlin; FTTP (purple), FTTN (yellow) – Source: http://nbnmtm.australiaeast.cloudapp.azure.com/

In January 2021 the Combined Community Councils of the ACT launched a campaign to secure a portion of NBN’s $4.5B FTTN upgrade program for Canberra. This led to 10 suburbs in south and inner north Canberra being added to this program in May 2021 (Canberra suburbs to be upgraded to faster internet).

The GCC subsequently asked the NBN whether Casey Stage 1 could also be included in this program and were told that it was; this was announced in a GCC Facebook post on 5 July 2021 (and shared to the Casey Facebook group on the same day). The post stated that the NBN:

“can confirm the part of Casey that is currently not served by FTTP is on our list of suburbs that we intend to perform an FTTP-enabled upgrade in. However, as with all of the planned FTTN to FTTP-enabled upgrades, this will be subject to technical, engineering and cost factors and it is possible that for those reasons the company may not proceed with upgrading those parts of Casey. At this stage, the company plans to make a final decision about upgrading those areas of Casey in late April 2022”.

The GCC has confirmed that Casey stage 1 is still scheduled to be upgraded to be FTTP-capable, and that the “field validation” remains scheduled for 1Q2023. The upgrade will take 6 months to build, assuming the validation passes, and once complete upgrades to FTTP for homes will be triggered by residents placing orders for services of (at least) 100Mbs.

Residents in Casey Stage 1 considering paying for an NBN Technology Choice upgrade may wish to hold off until the field validation process is complete.


  1. What is the update in regard to the casey FTTP upgrade? I live on David Miller and would like to know if/when the upgrade will take effect?

    • The upgrade is complete. Contact your ISP to place an upgrade.

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