GCC Community Meeting

12 September 2018

Gungahlin Club

6:30 – 8:30 pm

Chair: Peter Elford (President).

Attendees: see attendance log

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Agenda Item 1: Suburban Land Agency – Jacka 2


Stacey Cloud presented the plans for Jacka 2 that will contain 600 to 700 dwellings. The presentation was mainly a marketing presentation giving the concept of what they were trying to sell to prospective buyers.  It was all about the physical form and little about the social aspects of community building and facilities.

Questions from the floor included:

  1. Will Jacka 2 be bus ready before residents move in? (answer yes)
  2. Will buses be available when the first residents move in? (answer – almost certainly no)
  3. Will there be pedestrian access to the Centenary Trail? (answer – es)
  4. Will there be sporting facilities? (answer space will be available but no facilities initially)
  5. How much access will blocks have to parkland? (answer – a little but not to nature park because of fire danger)
  6. Housing diversity? (answer – a range of houses but no public housing)
  7. Parking on Streets? (answer – no street parking and no plans to address parking on nature strips)

Agenda item 2: ACT Police

No Presentation

Rod Anderson the head of Gungahlin Police gave an outline of crime statistics and of things of which to be aware. A small increase in property crime, lower assault and abduction charges, and normal increase in winter car theft because of cars left in driveways with the engine on to warm up. Car theft is often associated with burglaries where thieves steal keys then the cars.

Call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 – if you see something suspicious then report it.

Cleanup rate is 75% and 80% of crime committed by repeat offenders. Crime is related to drugs, homelessness, housing, mental illness, welfare and offenders not being assisted to reintegrate into society.

Family violence reporting has increased but probably due to more reporting. Police are not equipped to deal with many of the family violence issues.

Questions from the floor included:

What about Moncrief Crime?  Answer Moncrief crime is low compared to other areas and particular issue related to two break-ins by interstate visitors.

What is the area of Gungahlin policing. – the area bounded by the Barton, Federal highways and the NSW border.

Has random breath testing dropped? – no but being done anywhere anytime and often just individual cars rather than a “booze bus”.

Agenda item 3: Purdon Planning – (old Magnet Mart)


Trevor Fitzpatrick gave a history of the site and the lease variation proposal from the local owners Argos Properties.  The variation will turn the existing large space into 7 spaces for bulky goods places as shown in the presentation.  The spaces are 60000 to 10750 square meters.

Questions from the floor included:

  1. Could the community use the existing car spaces before the reopening (answer probably not)

Agenda item 4: CSIRO Ginnederra Development



Matthew Morgan gave a presentation. They are looking for feedback on the new RFI proposals they will be issuing shortly.

The total site area is 701 hectares of which 80 is used. It started in 1958 for cropping and plant experiments that are being moved to another site in Boorawa. In the presentation, the red areas have threatened species and the orange areas are a buffer zone around the areas that will not be developed but be made available to the community.

Open forum

Cinema delayed by court proceedings.

Opening of the Light Rail in October but no passengers until December/January.

Minutes by Kevin Cox

Next Public Meeting October 10th.



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