GCC Community Meeting

14 March 2018

Gungahlin Library

6:30 – 8:30 pm

Chair: Peter Elford (President).

Attendees: see attendance log

Agenda Item 1: Active Canberra

David Geoffrey and Simon DeLacey from Active Canberra provided a presentation on the Existing and future provision of sporting infrastructure in Gungahlin which is available on the GG website.

Points of note included:

  •         The pool has been a great success with ~356,000 visits in 2016/17
  •         Active Canberra was now providing Community Recreation Parks (such as Crace, Franklin and Moncrief) which was replacing the model of neighbourhood ovals.
  •         Expansion of indoor sporting facility at Amaroo school
  •         Planned delivery of 6 rectangular fields in Taylor in 2019 which will include grass surface and playing lights
  •         Currently progressing planning requirements for Throsby playing fields with preliminary design starting latter this year
  •         Working with Tennis act to identify a suitable location for a 12 court facility including community activity hub
  •         Now conducting a study into indoor recreation facilities in Gungahlin and Belconnen
  •         The former Magnet mart facility is not suitable for indoor sports due to its design and construction.

Question or concerns raised from the floor

  1.      A question was asked about the Park promised for Casey to which the meeting learnt this was promised in 2012, was not delivered in that term, was not promised again in 2016 and hence the promise had expired.
  2.      A discussion on how the ACT does not enforce lease provisions on clubs that should be providing community facilities (eg Bowls greens) and promises are not being met. Instead the land is then used for other purposes (private residential, gaming etc).
  3.      A question was asked about the proposed site for a bowls club in Casey.  The meeting learnt that Clubs ACT has indicated there may not be commercial imperative to drive such a development given declining bowls membership levels and that their traditional model is increasingly under challenge. Ainslie Group had announced that their plan to put two synthetic greens in the Gungahlin lakes club was on indefinite hold
  4.      Whether the community areas were smoke free, highlighting the amount of butts at Moncrieff park – action to take away and investigate
  5.      Whether Active Canberra is responsible for the BMX track on the corner of Mirrabei and Gundaroo.  No this facility was set up by sporting club and is more suitable for kids, not adults.
  6.      The provision of quality space given the number of high developments in Precinct 2b.
  7.      Whether it was possible to get better lighting around Yerrabi Pond – this is a TCCS responsibility

Agenda item 2: James Milligan MLA update

James verbally briefed on the major issues/concerns that have come through his office since elected in 2016.  These included:

Light rail stop in Mitchell – Mitchell contains 300 businesses and 4000 employees which does not include patronage from customers. Construction has had a big affect on businesses, 30-40% loss in trade. In NSW gov is offering financial reimbursement to businesses impact.  A petition had been put together by Mitchell traders association for a stop to be built in Mitchell as part of stage 1 which he supports.  Questioning how much extra would it cost to put it in as part of stage 1 or stage 2.

  •         Survey on Moncrief on non-existing bus service –  He had received 100s of responses and known families concerned about their kids walking long distances to get buses in Ngunnawal. James noted that similar issues existed in other new suburbs and stated that it was a planning issue in buses only go down major arterial given suburban streets are quite narrow.
  •         Palmerston businesses – Due to small number of car parks in school there existed parking issues during morning and afternoon pick up. Leading to illegal parking and parking in the supermarket car park.
  •         Indoor sporting study – James noted that the promise was originally made in 2012 that would do study, that the same promise was made in 2016 and in 2018 still not completed.
  •         Concerned about horse park drive in that doing federal section last. Government lost its way in proper planning and subject to quick cash grab.


  1.      Mitchell stop – will increase cost of first stage. LR is going ahead but need to make sure meets community needs.
  2.      Question about the Canberra Liberals commitment to Light Rail – We are accepting stage 1 is progressing. Stage 2 not finalised so can’t agree to this until business case is presented. But will ensure they advocate for community outcomes. Have good relationship with federal government and would advocate if it is in the community’s interests.
  3.      Do you get a sense of community sentiment on the density of residential development? Received numerous feedback expressing concern about the number of people who will reside here (more than population of normal suburb) and infrastructure provision.
  4.      Question about what the liberal solution is for schools for car parking. Not worthwhile building car parks for use only 1 hour per day.  Bottle shops have larger drive through than our schools.  Need to look at infrastructure, space available and land allocation.

James also promised to provide a list of expired promises to the GCC to help hold Government to account.

Agenda item 2: Meegan Fitzharris MLA update

Meegan provided a verbal brief based on points earlier raised and questions from the floor.  These included

  •         Air towers Development Application – device from Environment Planning and Sustainability Directorate is the DA has not been approved or knocked back, and the developer is revising their plans.
  •         Cinema – no update was available.
  •         Bus services – ALP had committed 9 rapid services at last election and will deliver the remainder over the next year.  Where these have already been implemented patronage has increased. Consultation occurred last year for rapid services and consultation for remainder of network will occur in next 6-8 weeks. The proposed Tuggeranong express bus will be considered as part of the network redesign in 2018.  Third of Jacka has access to bus service on Roden Cutler drive.
  •         School car parks – The Government encourages active travel over car access and the ACT was the only jurisdiction to see an increase in active transport. Continue to fund ride and walk to school program and introduced 20 school crossing supervisors. Have had really good feedback on these, increased confidence by parents. This is likely to increase the number of children walking and dispersed drop off/pick up.
  •         The simultaneous Gungahlin roadworks – The Government did  conduct survey and about 70% of respondees said get on and do it.
  •         Horse Park Drive duplication – Tender has been finalised and will be announced this. Reason the section near the Federal Highway was delayed is due to the fact that there was insufficient contractor capacity to do itthe entire road at once, the northern section was easier from a planning perspective and the Government has to make design changes in reason to acid sulphate soils in that section. Will take till 2019.
  •         Cycle path along Horse Park drive section closest to Federal Highway. Questions whether minor work to widen verge or road side barriers could make it much more safely. – Meegan noted that widening would require significant, disruptive work that would only provide a path for a short period of time until the full duplication project commences.  Road side barriers can also create obstacles for cyclists.
  •         Gundaroo drive – will open August
  •         Provision of more frequent events in Gungahlin – Noted works for Celebrate Gungahlin Festival are underway
  •         Traffic in town centre – The installation of traffic lights on Gizzard and Ernest Cavanagh St will significantly improve the flow of traffic around the town centre, since the impaired functionality of one intersection has a flow on affect to others.
  •         Concerned that building of infrastructure had not kept up with population – Whilst Government did sell the land and approved the building of residential properties, the Government is also reliant on Australian Bureau of Statistics numbers which had been consistently behind.  The Chief Minister is taking this up with the ABS.
  •         Light Rail Mitchell stop – Was identified as a potential stop during the planning process and the Government had attempted to engage with business in the area but there was not advocation for the stop during the planning process..  Given not all 26 potential stops could go ahead this did not make the final plan.  Given the nature of the contract which will be in place for 20 years, it is difficult to amend.  There will be other public transport services to Mitchell.
  •         Light Rail construction – Had noted and is monitoring concerns from business about construction but notes that the business climate had also changed irrespective or Light Rail given recent openings in Franklin, Casey and others had led to more competition.
  •         Question about additional park and ride in town centre – will shift towards light rail. All day parking on Anthony Rolfe and Hinder and also parking is often available at the oval.  There is no plans for additional Park and Ride parking.
  •         Question on whether the Government is looking to update infrastructure in more established suburbs (eg Palmerston) – Yes they were, play grounds.
  •         Street crossing on Valley Ave near leisure centre to allow Burgmann students to cross safely – Will look into
  •         Safety of children in Gungahlin place playground – Given there is a barrier and 40km zone the Government is of the view that controls are sufficient.
  •         Banning large trucks in Gungahlin during peak hours – Government does not have that level of control and would have significant flow on effects.

Minutes taken by Andrew Braddock

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