The development of the suburb of Kenny was briefly covered in Gungahlin Land Releases 2020-21 but due to the development of the Kenny High School, Gungahlin residents have recently shown renewed interest in what’s happening with Kenny. In response to questions from the GCC at the Environment and Planning Forum, EPSDD have provided this summary.


  • The identified future urban area of Kenny comprises a total area of approximately 170ha.
  • In May 2020, the Government approved a site of 7.2ha in the western portion of this area for an education precinct, allowing a high school to be planned, designed and constructed to open at the start of the 2023 calendar year.
    • A development application has been lodged for the high school project
    • The site servicing and associated works at Well Station Drive are subject to concurrent development approvals.
  • The 7.2ha site is intended to accommodate the future high school as well as a separate primary school that would open at a later date determined by Government.
  • The remaining area of the Kenny future urban area (FUA) (once the education precinct is discounted) is about 163ha and is shown on the Kenny Basic Layout plan.

    Kenny Basic Layout plan

  • Under the Gungahlin Strategic Assessment (2013), the Government is required to establish the Kenny Nature Reserve prior to any urban development in the area commencing. This requirement was met through Territory Plan Variation 379, which established the Kenny Nature Reserve. The Reserve bounds Kenny to the south and west, reducing the remaining future developable area of Kenny. This includes the loss of a group centre and some residential development.  Despite this, it is expected that around 1,200 to 1,500 dwellings across a range of dwelling types, can still be delivered.
  • Road access to Kenny will be from Horse Park Drive with two intersections, and Well Station Drive with a further two intersections, aligning with existing intersections adjacent to Harrison.
  • Kenny, while smaller in comparison to other Gungahlin suburbs, will accommodate residential, commercial (local centre), limited community facilities and public open space.
  • Prior to any land releases in Kenny, all statutory planning process and required technical studies will need to be completed.
    • The conclusion of the required statutory process may result in a Territory Plan variation and possibly an amendment to the National Capital Plan.  This would contemplate the requirement for the Territory Plan and the National Capital Plan to reflect the outcomes of the Gungahlin Strategic Assessment (2013).
  • The first release of land in Kenny was forecast to occur in 2020-21 with subsequent releases in the following years.
    • The 2021-22 to 2025-26 Indicative Land Release Program is currently before Government for consideration prior to publication with the 2021-22 ACT Budget.
  • For reference, this is the existing Territory Plan for the suburb of Kenny:


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