[ Update to this story posted 6 March 2021 ]

This update on the closure of the 50m pool at the Gungahlin Leisure Centre was received by the GCC from Minister for Sport and Recreation Yvette Berry on 18 February. She writes that she will “ensure a government representative attends your meeting of March 10 if I am unable to attend.“.

The brief is essentially the same information provided to the media who have been following and reporting on the issue (eg):

The GCC continues to press the minister for

From Yvette Berry, Minister for Sport and Recreation, 18 February 2021

I am very sorry that this information didn’t make it to you as soon as it could have.

I have now received information from Chief Minister Treasury and Economic Development Directorate and Major Projects Canberra on options for the government to arrange for the pool to be fixed and reopened to the community.

Experts engaged by the ACT Government, including structural engineers and consultants, conducted investigations in relation to the pool since June 2020 and have considered a range of issues in considering the future works required. 

I am now advised that the pool repairs will include removal of all the tiles leveling screeds and coatings, a further investigation of the structure and joints and then installing a new pool tiling system including a waterproofing membrane and grout repairs.

The ACT Government is currently in a range of commercial negotiations regarding these issues and will provide further comment once these negotiations are complete. The experts were engaged to assist the ACT Government in the course of the current negotiations and their reports are subject to legal privilege.

I share the community’s frustration with the time it’s taken.

I have asked for the Directorate to begin a process to get the remediation works underway to reopen the pool for the community as soon as possible.

I continue to ask for advice and regular updates on progress and I will keep you informed.

I will ensure a government representative attends your meeting of March 10 if I am unable to attend.  

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