The next public meeting of the Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) will be held on Wednesday 9 August 2023 starting at 6:30pm. We will be meeting in-person at the Eastlake Gungahlin Club.

As usual the meeting will be live streamed on Facebook via the GCC Facebook page.


  • GCC Update, GCC
  • Gungahlin Community Centre Update, Rod Baxter, EPSDD
  • ICON Water Major Wastewater Treatment Projects, Patty Chier (Senior Planning and Design Engineer) and Ellen Green (External Relations Advisor), ICON Water
  • Block 6, Section 2 – Pre-DA Consultancy
    Gungahlin Mixed Use Development
  • LevelUp Opening, Phil Knapstadt, Vinta Group, Marketplace Gungahlin

  1. What are the key topics that will be discussed at the next GCC public meeting on August 9th? Telkom University

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