The next public meeting of the Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) will be held on Wednesday 10 May 2023 starting at 6:30pm. We will be meeting in-person at the Eastlake Gungahlin Club.

As usual the meeting will be live streamed on Facebook via the GCC Facebook page.


  • GCC Update, GCC
  • Gungahlin East Precinct & Jacka stage 2 Updates, David Thornhill, Program Director Greenfields, Suburban Land Agency
  • Casey Community Recreation Park Update, Angela Hauzer, a/g Senior Director, Urban of Infrastructure Delivery, Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate
  • Leaf Collective Campaign in Yerrabi Pond, Plaxy McCulloch, Catchment Programs Officer, ACT Natural Resource Management, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

  1. Gave feedback to gov about not proceeding with casey dog park construction. Extremely disappointed this has been completely ignored and this is hoing ahead. These facilities r not needed so much wild life use that space which will now be disturbed. It is a natural wildlife pocket why ruin it with stupid feel good not required infrastructure.

  2. what do you think would be another alternative location for fellow residents?

  3. I would question having a dog park near wildlife areas. If any action was considered essential for protection of native flora or fauna, it would be limited due to it’s possible impact on or by domestic animal presence. You must know of others of similar views and their suggested solutions to this question.

  4. I have a question who moderates comments, who are they paid by? I know this community group seeks full transparency, but this role might be filled by someone outside its bounds.

    • Comments on the GCC website are moderated by the unpaid volunteers elected to the GCC executive. The GCC receives a very modest grant each year ($12,281) from the ACT government to support its activities. More information about the GCC can be found at

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