With the development of new suburbs towards the northern extremities of the ACT air traffic noise is likely to be an issue of increasing importance. The GCC favours the upgrade of Canberra Airport to accommodate limited international air traffic & can see merit in the increased (but limited) usage of the airport as a freight hub for the region but is opposed to the suggestion that Canberra Airport should be the 2nd or overflow airport for Sydney.

  1. We can see plans from Bonner, not sure if they really ‘fly over’ us. I have been there 6 months and only ever heard a plan fly over while inside once. To me its not an issue for us in the Bonner area

  2. Planes seem to be flying over Amaroo more often these days. Have they changed their route. I hope not.

  3. Planes fly over the Amaroo / Yerrabi area on a daily basis. The routing appears to have changed in the last ten or so years. Canberra airport needs to install traffic controllers so that the urban areas are not bombarded by air traffic noise.

  4. You can see them, but rarely hear them from the edge of Ngunnawal. I don’t see it being a problem for Gungalin.

  5. I can see them on the occasion from Harrison, but rarely do I hear them. By the time they reach Gungahlin, they’re quite high up. I think I’ve only heard them a few times when it’s extremely quiet and I have a window open. Even so, the cows in the farm (about 1km away) are louder.

  6. Aircraft can now fly lower so that might be why you are hearing them. Routes have not changed. Speak with the office of the noise ombudsman if you want clarification.

  7. Thats nice that you don’t hear it in Ngunnawal but I can assure you we hear them all the time in Amaroo.
    I would say it is equivalent to listening to a passing truck but lasts for a few minutes of constant booming. It is very annoying when your trying to get your children to sleep. Im not in favor of the talk of Canberra expanding to become a transport hub for Sydney. Or hosting international flights until they consult and address the Amaroo and Gungahlin community on the current impact of aircraft noise levels.

  8. We seem to be under the Melbourne and Adelaide flight path (in Ngunnawal), lived here for 7 years aircraft are not a problem. Biggest concern has been listening to the constant construction noise, particularly the beeping of vehicles reversing.

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