ACT Election 2016 Meet the Candidates Forum

ACT Election 2016 Meet the Candidates Forum

The Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) has organised an ACT Election 2016 Meet the Candidates Forum to be held in place of the normal GCC public meeting on the evening of Wednesday 14th September, 6:30-8:30pm

We have invited all candidates that have announced they are seeking election in the seat of Yerrabi (which includes all of Gungahlin and few suburbs in Belconnen).

IMPORTANT!! The event will be held at

St John Paul II College Theatre
1021 Gungahlin Dr, Nicholls (see detailed parking map below) – (NOT the Gungahlin Library)

Each candidate will be given an opportunity to speak (briefly), to be followed by questions from the host of the event (the GCC), and then questions from the audience will be taken. We ask that questions be kept to under 60 seconds, and that they be directed to specific candidates and or parties. Each question will only be answered once. Questioners will also be given the option of asking for a show of hands from the candidates indicating their support for a particular position. If you wish to send in a question for the host to consider, please email it to

We are planning to live stream the event through MyGungahlin’s FaceBook page.

Look forward to seeing you on 14th!

Peter Elford
President, GCC

St John Paul II College Campus and Recommended Parking

Drive in along the red path (keep to the LEFT of the sign saying “Performing Arts Centre”), and park around the back. Walk along the yellow path to the side of the road and into the Performing Arts Centre Theatre.