In addition to writing to the Minister for Planning, the Minister for Housing and Urban Development and the CEO of the Suburban Land Agency  Calling for the Suspension of Land Sales in the Gungahlin Town Centre, the GCC has launched an ACT Assembly petition on 4 May 2021 sponsored by Yerrabi MLA Andrew Braddock.

If you:

  • have completely lost confidence in the ACT Government planning system to deliver the employment, retail, entertainment and community services you expect within the Gungahlin Town Centre,
  • believe the current approach is dysfunctional, and the Government does not have a plan for the Gungahlin Town Centre other than more mixed-use sites that are mostly apartments,
  • want more balanced development and job creation in the Gungahlin Town Centre


If you would prefer not to complete the petition online please email us ( and we will arrange to provide you a paper copy to sign.

  1. I have had discussions in the past with various MLA’s as I have been very disappointed with the development of Gungahlin Town Centre. I really think a wonderful opportunity has been missed. The first Market place was built and looked different from the usual shopping mall it was fairly aesthetically pleasing, then the Big W complex and the G centre was built then the add on to the Market place they are hideous prefab looking buildings not in keeping with the first building, everything is hotchpotch and does not flow. I suggested town planners went to Europe to see how new complexes are added to old town centres…example Bath in UK. But it seems whoever is willing to pay the government or Mr Barr enough money they can build what they like. Of course the government want units as they get much more in stamp duty and rates from the crummy boxes that are built buy cowboy developers. Shoddy, second rate buildings that do not last. More than 30 years. Canberra the city with no lasting historical buildings, knock down, rebuild that’s the Canberra way.

  2. Enough is enough with GTC muck up

  3. Stop building so many apartments and start building employment venues. Gungahlin town centre is a shambles. Gungahlin drive near the apartments is so congested.

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