In October 2021 the GCC wrote to Roads Minister Chris Steel seeking more information regarding accidents and crashes in Gungahlin, and seeking a regular meeting with City Services to ensure matters of interest to Gungahlin residents can be raised, tracked and actioned.

Detailed crash data was provided late in 2021 (as detailed in Gungahlin Traffic Accident Data) and in a letter dated 16 May 2022 the Minister confirmed that a meeting with City Services including ACT Roads would be put in place.

The Minister also indicated in his letter that:

I am also pleased to inform you that feasibility studies will be undertaken on upgrades to the following Gungahlin intersections in 2022-23, which have been identified as priorities for the 2023-24 Blackspot Program:
• Anthony Rolfe Avenue / Eva Wes Street / Manning Clark Crescent
• Efkarpidis Street / Hinder Street
• Ernest Cavanagh Street / Gozzard Street
• Ernest Cavanagh Street / Hinder Street

These locations are shown on this map:

The Minister also advised that:

As you are aware from my previous presentation at Gungahlin Community Council (GCC), the ACT Government has committed to develop a traffic model for Gungahlin, to investigate and assess potential safety and efficiency improvements to the traffic network across the region. I am pleased to update you that procurement for a consultant to develop this model is nearing finalisation, with a contract expected to be awarded soon. Once in contract, the work is expected to take 6-12 months to complete.






  1. How will the ACT Government engage with the Gungahlin community to ensure that the traffic model meets the needs of the community and reflects the local priorities?

    Telkom University

    • If you are referring to the Gungahlin Transport Plan (mentioned on this page, the consultancy tender requires a “Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) that outlines a suitable methodology to undertake consultationwith ACT Government stakeholders as well as community stakeholders”. The proposed timeline in the tender suggests the actual community consultaton will be quite late in the process (not ideal):
      Call Tenders – August 2023
      Close Tenders – September 2023
      Award Tender – October 2023
      Initial Draft Gungahlin Transport Plan – January 2024
      ACT Government Stakeholders Consultation – January 2024
      Draft Gungahlin Transport Plan (for Community Consultation) – February 2024
      Community Consultation – March 2024
      Final Gungahlin Transport Plan – June 2024

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