The ACT government has issued a letter to Franklin residents. The text of the message reads:
 As you are aware, in December last year the Public Housing Renewal Taskforce began discussions with the Franklin community about public housing in the suburb.

The Taskforce had identified two sites next to the Franklin Early Childhood School which might suit new public housing (Blocks 1 and 3 of Section 125).

The Taskforce has consulted widely on their proposal, paying close attention to the views put by the community, and school community in particular. I know that your local member, Meegan Fitzharris MLA, has also been working closely with you to make sure your views are heard. Her representations on your behalf have kept your views at the centre of the Government’s considerations.
As a result of that consultation, I have asked the Taskforce to investigate Block 2 Section 57 (to the south of the school) as the preferred option for new public housing in Franklin. As such, work on both sites next to the School will not proceed.
There is further work to do before we can establish whether the site to the south of the School is suitable, and building there possible. If it is, we will need the community’s help and support during the planning and development application stage to see the project delivered.
I know that, like you and me, the residents of Franklin share the rest of Canberra’s view that a strong public housing program is one of the most important ways we help some of the most vulnerable members of our community. I’m sure you agree that our public housing program helps people take part in – and contribute to – the diverse social life of our city.
I’d like to thank you for engaging with the Taskforce consultation in that spirit. The Taskforce will keep you updated via email, including letting you know about future information sessions.
Adrew Barr
Chief Minister

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