The Fast Tracks program is one of the ACT government’s economic stimulus responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of Fast Tracks projects in Gungahlin have already been announced.

Thise table is a summary of other projects that the Gungahlin community has identified which the GCC will pass onto the ACT government for consideration.

Please leave a comment, or email the GCC with details of projects that you think should be added to this list! Projects need to be able to be started immediately and be delivered by local businesses and include “infrastructure and maintenance work on government-owned community buildings, schools and other facilities across the city”. This means they cannot be complex or require products to be ordered, etc. Look at these for examples – Fast Tracks projects in Gungahlin

Project DescriptionMap
Connect path across Yerrabi Pond dam at Western end to existing footpath
Seal dirt path to complete concrete path behind houses along Bunduluk Street
Repair the erosion along this segment of the Centennial Trail and remedy the boggy section at the Northern end of the marked section (which is causing trail spread)
Construct a path between Lester Street and the bus stop on Crackerjack Way
Complete Nurdurr Drive as a road
Extend the existing Fast Track project to build a multi-use path behind Palmerston all the way through to Gungahlin Drive (could just be a gravel path)
Provide pedestrian crossings across Gribble Street to/from Bunnings and Hibberson Street to/from Library (perhaps lights at this intersection)
Install traffic lights at intersection of Gozzard St and Valley Way
Complete the duplication of Anthony Rolfe Ave between Gundaroo Drive and Gozzard St
Improve the quality and accessibility of the Old Wells Station Road behind Harrison and Mother Theresa schools. Seal a path to avoid flooding, and allow access for mobility scooters and strollers over cattle grid
A pedestrian bridge over Gundaroo Drive between Anthony Rolfe Ave and Gribble Street to better and more safely connect the town centre to Yerrabi Pond Park.
Seal dirt track at intersection of Newlop Street and Horse Park Drive
  1. I would like to see/ have a Hydrotherapy pool in Gungahlin area, please.

    • Thanks for the suggestion – this would be beyond the scope of the Fast Tracks program I suspect, but we’ll take note of this.

  2. I’d like to see development at Taylor playing fields fast tracked.
    Happy to discuss in further detail with the council.

  3. Nudurr Drive Extension to Gungahlin Drive is really critical and must be Fast Tracked immediately.

    Palmerston an Gungahlin residents really are frustated since this Road was supposed to be extended 5 years (Even the Road Signs are there). Thanks.

  4. Thanks GCC, Nudurr Drive Extension is absolutely Critical for the Gungahlin Community.

    It is a small 1.5Km Project that has low cost and very high return and should have been completed 10 years ago.

    Barton Highway Duplication is also critical for the Community.

    • These are almost certainly beyond the scope of the FastTrack program – certainly the Barton highway beyond the ACT is. The Nudurr drive extension is problematic (does anyone want another intersection on Gungahlin Drive ?) but is already on the list.

  5. I suggest a pedestrian bridge over Gundaroo Drive between Anthony Rolfe Ave and Gribble Street to better and more safely connect the town centre to Yerrabi Pond Park.

  6. Could you please consider adding a roundabout at the intersection of Pioneer street, Balagarup street and the Coles underground carpark exit at Amaroo shops to the list. Most cars currently drive over the empty disabled carpark to get to the other side of the pioneer street and exit to Katherine Avenue. Thanks.

    • Hi Pradeep. Why is this a problem ? All the parking spaces in the “median strip” of Pioneer St at Amaroo could could be used to cut-through like you’ve outlined so I’m not sure a roundabout is a good solution for that location based on how traffic is designed to flow.

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