Perhaps the question the GCC gets asked the most is “what’s happening with the Gungahlin cinema ?”

Although the development was approved way back March, 2017 there has been no sign of construction starting. ABC Radio reported earlier this week that it’s been held up by legal action … and here are some details prepared by the ABC:

Gungahlin residents were promised a cinema, and it is coming… eventually.

The block of the land is there however there’s a legal dispute currently in the Supreme Court. An injunction was put on the developers by a cinema operator, United Cinemas, and any development on the land has been blocked ever since.

Here’s the simplest way to explain the argument: United Cinemas allege they had an agreement with someone acting on behalf of the developers (Gungahlin Lifestyle), who then opted to go with another cinema operator instead. The developers say that man wasn’t acting on their behalf.

The case will be in court next month, where hopefully there’s more clarity around what’s happening.

Please remember that this matter is within the Supreme Court at the moment.

For those who are interested in a more comprehensive explanation and more background, here is a public document about the case from 2016.

Within the next month we should know more …

  1. Has there been an update to the Supreme Court case?

    • Not that I have been able to find. The GCC continues to be in touch with the ABC journalist who wrote the initial story, but we’ve not received any news.

  2. Hey GCC, just looked up the court case and the next hearing is set for the 5th of February. The case number is SC/0028/18.

    • Looks like the hearing has been moved to the the 5th of March annoyingly.

      • Moved to 18th of April…

        • What? According to the efficiency of Australia I don’t think we will have cinema for a few years

          • The cinema development has been delayed due to legal proceedings. Nothing is likely to happen until that process is complete. It’s not something the ACT government or the GCC can influence I’m afraid.

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