GCC Community Meeting

13 June 2018

Gungahlin Club

6:30 – 8:30 pm

Chair: Henley Samuels (Vice-President).

Attendees: see attendance log

Agenda Item 1: Light Rail Update, Mark Jones, Deputy Project Director, Capital Metro and Steven Sancberg Director, Engineering, TCCS.

Presentation by Mark Jones, Deputy Project Director, and Glenn Stockton, CEO Capital Metro, on the current state of the Light Rail installation

Current status of the project construction

50% of the rail is now installed and over 300 trees have been planted.

In Gungahlin Place civil and landscaping works will be completed by the end of June.

Roadside barriers are progressively being removed along the Gungahlin corridor.

Asphalting of roads and line marking will occur in spring.

Safety messages are important as the overhead wires are now live and carry 750 volts.

These are six metres above the road.   A rigorous testing program will ensure the protection of the travelling public, especially trucks with over-height loads.

Pedestrians are encouraged to always cross at designated intersections and crossings.   The rails are set in concrete grooves so bikes should always cross at right angles to avoid getting stuck.   Basically people should obey the signals and normal road rules, which remain the same.

Questions from the floor

  • What access has been planned for people with disability?  It was considered in the design stage.   All vehicles have low floors, which are level with Stops to allow for easy access.   There are no steps in the vehicles themselves.   Arrangements have also been made for sight-impaired people.
  • Hours of operation?     From 0600-2300 weekdays, and till 0100 on weekends.
  • When will street-lights along Flemington road be restored?  Progressively over next few weeks we will see these come on-line.
  • What are the rules for carrying large objects and bikes on trams?    Will Meegan Fitzharris give an assurance that bikes will be able to stay on when the vehicles are full? Cannot speak for the Minister.
  • The shelters are quite narrow.   How effective will they be at keeping people out of rain and sun?   The glass pane in the centre will keep out wind. These can encroach over the rail area. Steve Sancberg, Transport Canberra, replied that the reach of the canopies is larger than other similar systems and that there are sun lights in the shelters.
  • Will there be any pedestrian access between Gungahlin and Aldi?    There will be two crossing points opposite the two entrances, since three access points from Coles there are desire lines between the two crossings. Landscaping will form a barrier.
  • South of Wizard Road there is a severe angle of 45 degrees?  Will the bark chip there get washed away?  Once planted it will become stable.
  • Confirmed operational by end of this year? Yes
  • Will there be pedestrian lighting under bridges?  Will need to check and respond to that question
  • Has asphalting at Wells Station been completed?   Not yet.
  • Are the stations smoke-free?   Yes.
  • Will the Mitchell station be built in next phase?  The ACT government announced it in the recent budget.
  • How easy would it be to do it now?    It has not been planned in the current construction.
  • How long will security cameras record?    They will retain the data for a period of time.

Agenda Item 2: Suzanne Orr MLA

Building Quality Inquiry

There is now a legislative assembly inquiry and submissions are invited.

Questions from floor

  • What are the outcomes of 2016 recommendations?   Work is progressing.
  • Are there any statistics on complaints?    That has been asked many times but comprehensive data is difficult to come by.
  • The public does not know what elements of contracts can and cannot be changed.    The 2016 reforms will better inform consumers.
  • Is this a result of changing certification?   It is the result of lots of things.
  • Shouldn’t regulation have been in place in the first place?  The evolution is in hand with expansion.
  • What about development applications?    Planning inquiry also in place
  • Builders are ‘phoenixing’.   There needs to be a link to builders’ licences. This is something that is being examined.
  • Will the changing certification scheme drive changes in liability. Changing the certification process will not change the liability responsibilities.
  • Is there extra money in the budget for an extra assessor in EPSDD.  EPSDD have indicated staffing is ok.   Difficulties are just due to the complexity of the build.

Gungahlin Town Centre East Community Park

An on-line survey is seeking views on the new community linear park indicating that people are very keen for green space. Ms Orr asked for this meeting’s views.

Ideas from the floor:

  • Play areas for young children, not for older kids.  These need to put in at an early stage to avoid getting ‘push back’ from the local community.
  • Would like to see the government keep to their 2012 commitment for Casey park and will follow this up.
  • The park at Crace near Gundaroo Drive is a really good example.
  • A pinball parlour would be good.
  • Suggestion for a very narrow green strip from north to south with a wall of concrete on either side.
  • The town park is already suitable for community events.
  • Access to electricity is important for community groups.
  • The park requires integrated parking.
  • Why can this not be done through the ‘Your Say’ Initiative from me as the local member rather than the government. It is a part of government. ‘Your Say’ is used by the directorates.
  • Use of survey platforms on party websites collects information for campaigning purposes.    This is only being used for this express purposes, not for any other purpose.
  • Is there any latitude to expand the space?   Works have started, feedback will be provided.
  • They can put high rises down there.   It won’t bother anyone.
  • There needs to be path lighting for night markets.
  • Is there any budget allocated?   Is it all led within the suburban land agency?


Minutes taken by Andrew Braddock

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