[ Information provided by Australian Federal Police, 15 November 2021 ]

Gungahlin Police Station (https://mygungahlin.com.au/anxious-gungahlin-waits-on-police-station-study/8224/)

Earlier this year, The ACT Government announced significant changes to how emergency services are housed in the Gungahlin district.

Part of that announcement was a plan for the Gungahlin Joint Emergency Services Centre (JESC) that currently holds ACT Policing as well as the ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS), ACT Fire & Rescue (ACT F&R), State Emergency Service (SES) and Rural Fire Service (RFS).

It is well known that due to population growth and increasing demand for services this facility is no longer suitable to house multiple emergency service agencies and ACT Policing is pleased that a sensible and planned approach has been agreed by the ACT Government.

Ultimately, ACT Policing will occupy the whole site, with renovations and modifications to be made to ensure it is fit for our purposes.

The first changes that will occur will be the SES and RFS moving from the facility to accommodation in Mitchell in 2022. Minor building works will be conducted to allow ACT Policing to increase its office space in the building.

A master design will then be developed for ACT Policing to ultimately assume full occupancy of the current JESC site once ACTAS and ACT F&R relocate.

At all times the agencies that currently work out of the JESC will continue to provide their day to day services to the residents, businesses and visitors to Gungahlin. While there may be some disruptions to our accommodation, we will continue to respond to calls for assistance each and every day.

This increase in emergency services accommodation in Gungahlin recognises the continued growth of the district and we look forward continuing to work together in the coming months and years.

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