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25 February 2015
A light rail service between Gungahlin and the city centre would be well patronized according to the results of a community survey released today, with nearly 70 per cent of respondents indicating they would use this form of transport for their work commute.
“We ran this survey because we wanted to hear directly from Gungahlin residents about their needs and concerns,” Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) Vice President, Peter Elford said. “We are very pleased with the strong response we received and how passionate residents are about all Gungahlin has to offer and how we can make it even better in the future. The results will help us establish our priorities, particularly in terms of the issues we take up with the ACT Government on behalf of the community.”

Over 1,300 Gungahlin residents completed the survey and there was significant consensus on a number of issues.

More than 80 per cent of respondents want the maximum height of buildings in the district limited to 10 stories; 90 per cent would like the health care centre upgraded to a nurse walk-in centre; and over three-quarters called for the light rail project to go ahead.

“The questions regarding roads and transport generated the most comments,” Mr Elford revealed. “This is not surprising when you learn that 40 per cent of Gungahlin commuters need to travel into Civic or the Northside and 90 per cent of commuters currently use their own car rather than another form of transport. There is clearly a view that light rail could be a solution to the often slow and congested commute into the city.

“Another major issue is frustration over poor road planning, in particular the fact roads are designed for duplication but not built that way when first constructed. Improved safety measures for the corner of Hibberson Street and Hinder Street would be popular and a majority of respondents would actually like Hibberson Street to be closed to traffic and made into a pedestrian mall”

Gungahlin residents would also like more recreational amenities established in the area. Entertainment services, picnic areas, playgrounds, an indoor sporting centre, a cinema, youth centre and improved services for senior citizens all ranked highly.

“The community wants to be better represented and 85 per cent of respondents were in favour of Gungahlin having its own five seat electorate,” Mr Elford said.

A full copy of the survey results are available at

Media contact: GCC Vice President, Peter Elford 0401 890 387

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