[ Post created on behalf of POD Projects Group ]

POD Projects Group are proposing a world class mixed-use development on Block 3 Section 229 Gungahlin. It is a prime site of 11,797m2 within Gungahlin Town Centre bounded by Anthony Rolfe Avenue, Kate Crace Street, Ernest Cavanagh Street and Hinder Street. The site is proposed to be subdivided to create 3 separate blocks with 4 buildings constructed in stages over the next 8-10 years, with the first stage construction commencing immediately following planning approval.

The development will consist of a mix of residential, build-to-rent units, serviced apartments, commercial and home business premises. Building A is proposed to contain 150 dwellings, Building B1 & B2 contain 160 units each and Building C is proposed to contain 100 units. Approximately 1,600m2 of rooftop gardens are proposed across all 4 buildings and extensive landscaped shared zones including deep root plant zones are between all buildings to increase permeability through the site. This will connect Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Ernest Cavanagh Street. The proposal will also incorporate a number of sustainability initiatives to respond to climate change.

A virtual consultation will be held on 12th November 2020, should you wish to discuss the proposal, please register your interest via email (purdons@purdon.com.au). In addition, the proposal will be presented to the Gungahlin Community Council at their monthly meeting on 11th November 2020.

Visit our website for further details. A flyer is also attached for your information.

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