Hall School Museum and Heritage Centre Twilight Concert 2018


The Hall School Museum and Heritage Centre is again presenting a Twilight Concert on 25 March at 4pm.

Hall’s annual brass band twilight concert has been a popular part of Canberra’s autumn calendar for 10 years.  The concert, hosted by local David Kilby and held on the lawns of the Hall School, gives people an opportunity to experience a traditional “band in the park” concert.

The concert featuring the Canberra Brass band under director Kevin Knapp, with Victoria Street Brass and Canberra Youth Brass and a local guest vocal soloist

Katie de Veau, will provide music with a theme of Musical Reflections – celebrating a decade in the life of Hall village

Refreshments will be available or BYO picnic.

The nationally significant Hall School Museum & Heritage Centre will also be open from 2.30pm.

Next Public Meeting 9 May 2018

  1. Gungahlin Roads Update – Ben McHugh
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  2. Gold Creek Homestead Sale – What Does the Community Want ? – GCC
    Pre-Reading – Gold Creek Homestead, is it worth saving?
  3. Air Towers Development Update – GCC
    Pre-ReadingAir Towers Development Application Update
  4. New Bus Network Update – GCC
    Pre-ReadingTransport Canberra Phase 1 Consultation
  5. Implementing Active Living Principles in Canberra through Territory Plan Variation 348, Dr Anthony Burton and Annie Kentwell, Heart Foundation ACT

Canberra’s first Light Rail Vehicle is here!

Canberra’s first light rail vehicle (LRV) arrived just before Christmas marking a major step towards an integrated public transport network.

The new LRV is the first of 14 vehicles which will be arriving over the coming months.



Each LRV is made up of two modules with a driving cab at each end. Inside there is room to carry 207 passengers per tram, 66 seated and 141 standing.

The LRVs are state-of-the-art and have been designed to provide on-board safety and comfort. They are equipped with on-board Wi-Fi as well as air conditioning and dedicated spaces for wheelchairs and bicycles, making it an accessible, practical and comfortable transport solution.

The light rail vehicle is powered by electricity, which it draws from an overhead wire. The driver controls the vehicle’s speed and braking as the light rail vehicle is steered along its path by rails, in the same way that trains are on train tracks.

The light rail system has its own dedicated corridor and does not share the road with other vehicles. This will help to assure the speed and reliability of the service leading to better journey times.

Canberra’s light rail is fast approaching, keep in mind:

Safety Tips:

  • The overhead wire is LIVE and carries 750 volts of power. Always keep a safe distance from the overhead wire and never come into contact with it.
  • The overhead wire is more than 6 metres above road level. Be aware and make sure that your vehicle/load does not come into close contact with the overhead wire.
  • It is safe to walk on the tracks. It is safe to ride across the tracks.
  • Pedestrians should only cross the track at designated crossings.

For more information about Stage 1 of Canberra’s Light Rail, Gungahlin to City, visit www.canberra-metro.com.au

Article provide by Canberra Metro. 

Minister’s Response: Gungahlin Bus Services and Public Transport:

On 22 August, 2017 the GCC wrote (via email) to the Minister for Transport highlighting our long-held concerns about the lag in the provision of bus services to new suburbs, particularly Jacka stage 1 and Moncrieff.

The GCC received a response to this email on 3 January 2018 (included below). Consistent with what Transport Canberra reported at the GCC meeting in November, 2017 this issue is not going to be addressed until the rollout of the new bus network introduction with the changes associated with Light Rail’s introduction. The response includes quote a bit of additional detail, including a summary of major road projects.

If you have any feedback on this update, please let us know.



Meegan Fitzharris MLA

Member for Yerrabi

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Minister for Transport and City Services Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research

Mr Andrew Braddock

Secretary, GCC


Dear Mr Braddock

Thank you for your email of 22 August 2017 regarding the provision of public transport to newly established suburbs in the Gungahlin area. Due to the complexity of the issues you have raised it took longer than anticipated to provide you with a response, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay,

Following the release of land and development of new suburbs, the ACT Government aims to introduce a public transport offering at the earliest possible time to provide public transport into these areas. The Government ensures that public transport infrastructure including an appropriate road network, bus stops and supporting infrastructure including footpaths, lighting and seating are included in the design and commissioning of new suburbs/regions.

In regards to introducing a service to a new area service planners must consider how resources are prioritised to meet demand across the city. This also means ensuring current services are not degraded (e.g. lengthened to increase travel times or reduced service frequency), in a way that makes them less attractive for current users.

Social inclusion and access is also very important and to help provide access to public transport services for vulnerable users the ACT Government also provides a Flexible Bus Service for eligible Canberra residents who are unable to walk to their nearest bus stop.

The public transport network in Canberra will be changing in 2018 with the introduction of more Rapid routes across the city and the introduction of a better seven-day network. I am pleased to advise the ACT Government will introduce eight new rapid routes a year earlier than originally committed, and we look forward to the benefits the Rapid Network will provide as part of an integrated transport network.

Transport Canberra is currently undertaking Community consultation on local and connecting services that will complement the Rapid Network. I understand that Transport Canberra officials have also recently provided a briefing to the Gungahlin Community Council.

Transport Canberra acknowledges there are key challenges in the Gungahlin area and feedback during the consultation period has highlighted the following issues for Consideration:

  • access to the Casey Local Centre – bus stops have been built at the local Centre and we want to ensure we introduce the right service into the area without disadvantaging current passengers;
  • access to John Paul College and the Grove in Ngunnawal (retirement community) along Gungahlin Drive, making it easier for school students to get to school and providing links between the Grove retirement community, local shops and the town Centre;
  • ensuring service for new suburbs (bus stops have been provisioned in new suburbs, including Moncrieff, Throsby and Taylor through the estate development plan);
  • improved public transport access for residents of Jacka; and
  • future proofing the design so that it can grow progressively into Taylor.

It is our intention with the introduction of the new Rapid Network in 2018 to improve the bus Services for all of Gungahlin, including Jacka Stage 1 and newer suburbs such as Moncrieff, whilst also being able to provide clear service intent for future growth areas including Taylor and Jacka Stage 2.

The new network will commence in 2018, with bus services running between Gungahlin and the City until the introduction of Light Rail Stage 1 services in late 2018.

The improvements to services in Gungahlin will be possible through the redesign of the complete bus network, ensuring that a greater range of services can be made with the available fleet as well as the ACT Government commitment to reinvest the over 1 million bus kilometres that will be made available through the introduction of Light Rail.

The ACT Government has also committed to construction of a new bus depot in Phillip and the purchase of 80 vehicles for the Transport Canberra fleet to grow public transport services across the city.

Phase Two of consultation will take place in early 2018 and Transport Canberra officials will present an indicative route structure and timetable to the Gungahlin Community Council, as well as a range of other information sessions in the local area.

The ACT Government is making significant investment into the Gungahlin area to Support the growth and expansion of the region, including:

  • Stage One Light Rail services between Gungahlin and the city;
  • Construction of a new bus station in Gungahlin Place and supporting infrastructure including traffic signals in the town centre (scheduled for completion in early 2018);
  • Gundaroo Drive Stage 1 duplication (Scheduled for completion in mid-2018);
  • Gundaroo Drive Stage 2 duplication (scheduled to commence in early 2018);
  • Horse Park Drive duplication (works underway);
  • Ernest Cavanagh Street Extension;
  • Construction of a new road south of the Valley Avenue; and
  • Hibberson Street shared zone (scheduled to commence in early 2018)

In October 2017, the Transport Canberra timetable update for the region included:

  • the introduction of the Black Rapid service, providing high frequency public transport connectivity between the Gungahlin and Belconnen Town Centres during the week and connections to the University of Canberra Public Hospital; and
  • the introduction of Red Rapid 200 services on weekends between Gungahlin and the City, doubling the frequency of previous weekend services along Flemington Road (Route 950) in order to meet increasing public transport demand along the corridor.

Thank you for raising these matters. I trust the information provided is of assistance.

Yours sincerely


Meegan Fitzharris MLA Minister for Transport and City Services


CC to:

MS Suzanne Orr MLA

Mr Michael Pettersson MLA

UPDATED: Air Towers Development Application

UPDATED 26/11/2017 – Responses to the Development Application must be lodged before 29 November 2017 (details below)

A Development Application (DA) has been lodged for two new apartment towers on the corner of Gundaroo Drive and Gozzard Street. If approved, these towers will stand up to 18 storeys or 58 metres tall. The Gungahlin Community Council has a number of serious concerns about the proposal including:

  • The height of 58 metres is more than double the 23 metres height limit specified in the planning rules, and does not align with community expectations for building heights in the Gungahlin Town Centre;
  • The fact that previous developments were able to exploit planning loopholes to obtain height exemptions does not justify the building of yet another high rise tower;
  • At 18 storeys, the towers will overshadow and overlook the YMCA, Yerrabi Ponds, and Lavender Lane Early Learning Centres; as well as nearby residential areas, removing winter sun and privacy;
  • The survey conducted by the proponents, referenced in the DA’s statement against criteria, was primary an online competition to name the development with a cash prize for the winner. Any data collected through this online competition regarding entrant/competitors views on the development are, at the very least, likely to be skewed towards support for the project. The GCC does not believe the proponent’s survey data accurately reflects the views of the Gungahlin community overall;
  • Following community concern about the exploitation of planning loopholes, the ACT Government initiated the Gungahlin Town Centre Planning Refresh to tighten the planning rules and address these loopholes. The preliminary findings of the Refresh, presented at the GCC public meeting on September 13, 2017 identified community support for “building heights up to 10 storeys for newly released blocks (Gungahlin East) [and] lower building heights in the retail core and at the edges of the town centre”. The Air Towers DA is not consistent with these findings;
  • The GCC’s Have Your Say survey conducted in 2014 showed a strong preference (80% of respondents) for buildings in the town centre of 10 stories or less;
  • The impact to traffic in the surrounding areas arising from an additional 296 apartments;
  • The GCC acknowledges the DA proponents have made substantial changes to the proposal originally presented to the GCC in November, 2016, eg. From 26/26/8 stories to 18/12/8 stories, but the development remains an extremely large development and it is adjacent on three sides to one and two storey developments, much of which is residential. The only development larger than this on the precinct is Infinity Towers which does not have the same neighbour issues;
  • The proponents argue that the development “steps down” to neighbour properties on the site, but this ignores the overall scale of the development within the precinct, and the very high frontage presented to the YMCA site, and to the precinct’s view from the West. Other developments in the precinct have “stepped down” from the high point established by Infinity Towers, towards the residential areas – the proposed development is clearly inconsistent with this approach in the context of the other proposed and existing developments, ie. Looking from Yerrabi Pond towards the east, the height in stories of the developments are (from right to left) 20, 22, 16 (Infinity), 14, 7 (Lumi), 1, (YMCA), and then 18/12/8 (Air Towers). This shows how inappropriate the proposed development is for this location (noting that this is not to scale horizontally);
  • The continued development of an excessive number of apartments. What Gungahlin requires is more office space so that Gungahlin residents do not need to commute out of Gungahlin every day to work.
  • A lack of consideration about infrastructure to support the increasing number of residents in this section of Gungahlin. For example schools, green spaces, pedestrian access etc.

We are encouraging Gungahlin residents to make sure your views on the development are heard. You can do this very quickly on-line by clicking on this link (or entering it into your browser):

https://form.act.gov.au/smartforms/landing.htm?formCode=1251 .

You can copy and paste the arguments above or add your own views if you wish. You will just need the following information to fill out the form:

  • Development Application: 201732666
  • Suburb: Gungahlin
  • Block: 4
  • Section: 224

Further details on the proposed development can be found here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Gungahlin Community Council via Facebook, our webpage or email secretary@gcc.asn.au

Public Transport for New Gungahlin Suburbs

Public Transport for New Gungahlin Suburbs

Email from GCC to Yerrabi MLA’s 22 August, 2017

On behalf of the GCC Executive Committee, I am writing concerning the provision of public transport to newly established suburbs in the Gungahlin area.
When the question was put to Transport Canberra at the GCC public meeting on 14 June 2017 about the provision of bus services to new suburbs currently under construction (Moncrief, Taylor and Throsby), the response indicated that this issue would not be addressed until network changes surrounding Light Rail becoming operational. Whilst the GCC appreciates:

  • the current fleet is at capacity and that this issue will not be remediated until Light Rail becomes operational; and
  • the economic drivers to defer the provision of a bus until such a point as sufficient demand is demonstrated so as to reduce the economic subsidy for the route.

The GCC is of the view that this approach is unsatisfactory given it:

  • Fails to address the social inclusion and access needs of residents of these new suburbs, one of the objectives of the Transport for Canberra Policy 2012.
  • Suppresses demand for public transport below what would exist under a supply-driven model.
  • Encourages the purchase of cars when residents move into these unserviced areas, locking in private vehicle commuting behaviour for an extended period of time.

The GCC highlights Jacka Stage 1 as a case study of unsatisfactory public transport service in terms of coverage as well as elapsed time since residents moved in. Released in 2013, Jacka Stage 1 as at the 2016 census consists of 670 people in 249 dwellings. The geographic centre of Jacka stage 1 is approximately 1 km walking distance to the nearest bus stops (Katharine Avenue Amaroo shops for 59 and 259 routes, Mobourne and Mallet St stop for 55 and 255 routes).

A similar service level to suburbs currently under construction, is not in residents’, the GCC’s, or we believe the Government’s, interests.

The GCC would appreciate your consideration of the issue and response in due course. If you require any further detail please do not hesitate to contact me via the details below.

National Trust Open Day at Gungahlin Homestead

National Trust Open Day at Gungahlin Homestead

A rare opportunity to visit Gungahlin Homestead, a 19th Century grand English style residence in Canberra. There will be tours of the building, refreshments and a range of activities for young and old. Soldier On, the current tenants of the Homestead are our co-hosts for this event.
Learn about this former pastoral property dating from the 19th century well before Canberra was established. The complex includes the Homestead, a carriage loop, outbuildings and remnants of a Victorian garden. The Homestead was built in two major stages – a rendered brick Georgian house built in 1862-65 and the grand sandstone Victorian addition of 1883 by Edward Crace.

You can also learn about recent times at Gungahlin Homestead which has been used as a scientific wildlife research station by CSIRO and is now home for Soldier On, our partner for this Open Day. Soldier On supports those who have served by focusing on their physical and mental health, their community and their future.

There will be tours of the building, entertainment, refreshments, classic cars and stalls – some demonstrating crafts such as lace making and woodcraft.

Planning in the Pub

Planning in the Pub

Meet Minister Mick Gentleman MLA and Minister Meegan Fitzharris MLA on Tuesday 11 April to talk about the future of Gungahlin including building height and character, public spaces, walking, cycling and road transport.

TIME: 5.30PM TO 7.00PM



Zed Seselja Update on Government Agency Move

This is the statement provided by Senator Zed Seselja on 6th March and read out at the GCC public meeting on 8th March, 2017

Dear Members of the Gungahlin Community Council,

I am sorry I am unable to be there with you this evening, but I would like to take this brief opportunity to update you on my election commitment to see a Commonwealth Public Service Department or Agency move their offices to Gungahlin to help boost the local economy.

Last week I met with the office of Minister for Finance and officials from the Department of Finance who are responsible for managing Commonwealth office spaces. They briefed me on the process they are undertaking to make this move happen and updated me on their progress.

The first stage of the process involves auditing all the current departments and agencies to assess which are the most appropriate to be moved based on several factors including number of employees, office space requirements, and current leasing arrangements. The other aspect of this first stage is to identify potential sites in the Gungahlin town centre for a new office space to be constructed to accommodate the selected agency.

The Department of Finance officials informed me that they are nearing completion of this first stage, having narrowed down the number of potential agencies to be moved and identified several potential sites in Gungahlin for the new offices.

While for probity reasons I am unable to provide more detail at present, I understand this first stage should reach completion in the coming months. The Department of Finance informed me that they anticipate formal negotiations with the chosen agency will begin by mid-year, at which point I expect to be able to provide more concrete detail.

I am proud to have secured an election commitment from the Government to move a public service workforce to Gungahlin for the first time to grow the town centre and boost the local economy. I will continue to work hard to see this election promise fulfilled.

Yours sincerely,


Senator the Hon. Zed Seselja
Liberal Senator for the ACT
Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs

Neighbourhood Information Sessions

Neighbourhood Information Sessions
[ Information provided by Elton Consulting ]
You may be aware that a new mixed-use development proposal for the Gungahlin Town Centre has been announced.
Located on the corner of Gungahlin Drive and Gozzard Street with a northerly aspect over Yerrabi Ponds, this landmark development will be a new and exciting destination in Gungahlin.

Key features
– Proposal by Empire Global – a local Gungahlin based developer
– Architect designed, two 26-storey buildings and one 8-storey building
– Public podium on the 26th floor, accessed by a glass elevator, with two restaurants, a function centre and public sky park
– 1,500m2 floor area for commercial tenancies on the ground floor
– A landscaped accessible public realm including retail, cafes and office space
– Around 300 apartments with a mix of studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.