UPDATE: Gungahlin 50m Pool Closure


The is an update regarding the Gungahlin 50m Pool Closure. Further updates and Q&A at the GCC Public Meeting on 10 March.

The Minister for Sport and Recreation, Yvette Berry, extended an invitation to the GCC executive to undertake a tour of the Gungahlin Pool on Thursday 4 March, 2021. Four members of the executive were able to attend, and the tour was hosted by two senior executives from Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate and Major Projects Canberra. We were given access to the empty pool to see the damage, and the opportunity to ask questions. I can ssure you, if a 50m pool looks big, it seems much bigger when it’s empty and you are standing in it!

What we Learned

The construction contract was awarded through an open tender, the results of which are available from ACT Tenders. The contract was signed with ADCO Constructions included a six year post-completion “warranty”, which expired before any of the issues were identified.

The initial problem was identified in the north-western corner of the pool where about 50 tiles had fallen off in June 2020, during the period the pool was closed due to the COVID pandemic. Further investigation using divers revealed more tiles coming away from the bottom of the pool. There was no leaking of water.

Technical experts were engaged to determine the cause of the problem. The identity of the experts and the specific results of the consultation are part of legal proceedings and will not be made available. No clear fault was identified. Evidence of some of the testing done by the experts can be seen in the photos. Legal/commercial negotiations commenced with ADCO Constructions which led to the settlement announced in the media (a payment of $400,000 to the ACT Government). A focus of these negotiations was to conclude proceedings in a timely fashion.

The ACT Property Group is now working to undertake a complete and full repair of the pool using the latest tiling system as quickly as practicably possible. This will be a complete repair (the phrase “back to concrete” was used) rather than a patching process to ensure the remediation is successful. A tender will be issued for this work in coming weeks. The original contractor will not be considered. The amount of money in the budget for repairs is not being revealed as there will be a tender for a contractor to undertake the repairs. In response to questions about whether the Government were confident that the unspecified “latest tiling system” would fix the problem, even when the cause of the problem remains unknown, we were told this information would be made available further in the repair tender process.

The goal is to have the 50m pool back in service by the end of 2021, in time for the bulk of summer.

The GCC reiterated that the lack of (proactive) information about the problem and what was being done to address it had caused significant frustration for GCC residents. This was acknowledged by our hosts and they undertook to provide that feedback to their communications team.

The GCC notes that there was an item in the 4 March 2021 issue of the ACT Government’s OurCBR newsletter which references an update on the Sport and Recreation website.

For those interested in more details the pool was discussed extensively at an ACT Government estimates hearing (Monday 1 March 2021).


The GCC would like to thank Minister Berry for facilitating the tour, and to our hosts from the ACT Property Group who very patiently answered our many questions.


Gungahlin 50m Pool Closure

[ Update to this story posted 6 March 2021 ]

This update on the closure of the 50m pool at the Gungahlin Leisure Centre was received by the GCC from Minister for Sport and Recreation Yvette Berry on 18 February. She writes that she will “ensure a government representative attends your meeting of March 10 if I am unable to attend.“.

The brief is essentially the same information provided to the media who have been following and reporting on the issue (eg):

The GCC continues to press the minister for

From Yvette Berry, Minister for Sport and Recreation, 18 February 2021

I am very sorry that this information didn’t make it to you as soon as it could have.

I have now received information from Chief Minister Treasury and Economic Development Directorate and Major Projects Canberra on options for the government to arrange for the pool to be fixed and reopened to the community.

Experts engaged by the ACT Government, including structural engineers and consultants, conducted investigations in relation to the pool since June 2020 and have considered a range of issues in considering the future works required. 

I am now advised that the pool repairs will include removal of all the tiles leveling screeds and coatings, a further investigation of the structure and joints and then installing a new pool tiling system including a waterproofing membrane and grout repairs.

The ACT Government is currently in a range of commercial negotiations regarding these issues and will provide further comment once these negotiations are complete. The experts were engaged to assist the ACT Government in the course of the current negotiations and their reports are subject to legal privilege.

I share the community’s frustration with the time it’s taken.

I have asked for the Directorate to begin a process to get the remediation works underway to reopen the pool for the community as soon as possible.

I continue to ask for advice and regular updates on progress and I will keep you informed.

I will ensure a government representative attends your meeting of March 10 if I am unable to attend.  

Gungahlin Town Centre Development Subject of ACT Assembly Motion

This motion is an important acknowledgement of the concerns that Gungahlin residents have been raising for many years, and the GCC thanks Suzanne Orr MLA for this initiative. The GCC is greatly encouraged by the fact that the motion was supported by both Greens and Liberal (opposition) Yerrabi MLA’s. It reflects the advocacy and accountability expectations we set out in Expectations of Candidate for the 2020 ACT Election.

From the ACT Assembly’s Matters of Public Importance 1-2021 summary:

Development of the Gungahlin Town Centre was the subject of a motion moved by Ms Orr MLA on 10 February 2021. The motion included calling on the Government to support the further development of the Gungahlin region and town centre and outlined how this might be achieved. During debate amendments were moved by the ACT Greens that included noting that all parties had committed to building a large community centre in the Gungahlin Town Centre during the 2020 election. The amendments also called on the Government to support the creation of an entertainment precinct to enable a night time economy. The ACT Greens amendments were agreed to following debate. A further amendment was moved by the Opposition to include calling on the Government to ensure additional employment opportunities in Gungahlin. This amendment was also agreed to.

We encourage residents to read the detail of the motion (below) or watch the debate in the assembly, and to continue to provide feedback and support to the GCC and your local MLAs around your concerns.

Development of the Gungahlin Town Centre Motion

Extracted from the Assembly’s MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS for Wednesday 10 February):

Ms Orr, pursuant to notice, moved—That this Assembly:

(1) notes that:

(a) the development of Gungahlin Town Centre is a matter of note to the residents of Gungahlin;

(b) unlike other more established town centres, Gungahlin is relatively young and has been developed from its earliest days with the ambition
of being a genuine mixed-use precinct; and

(c) there is great opportunity to guide the remaining development of the town centre to ensure more recent learnings from practice in the ACT
and other jurisdictions are applied to future developments; and

(d) all parties in the Assembly during the 2020 election campaign committed to build a large community centre in the Gungahlin Town Centre;

(2) calls on the ACT Government to support the further development of the Gungahlin region and town centre, ensuring that there are additional
employment opportunities in Gungahlin by:

(a) implementing best practice mixed-use development through the
planning framework, and allowing for:

(i) specific requirements to achieve a balanced diversity of uses within mixed-use developments including community uses;
(ii) specific requirements to achieve a higher level of commercial and business uses and subsequent activity within mixed-use
(iii) providing for requirements for commercial fitouts that enable the easy establishment of varied business and commercial activity
without the need for significant modification or retrofitting;
(iv) clear design principles that link development activity with achieving active precincts and vibrant street level activity; and
(v) traffic flow around the town centre;
(vi) the creation of an entertainment precinct so as to enable a night time economy without impacting residents;

(b) ensuring current sales of development sites incorporate the requirements to support best practice mixed-use developments;
(c) implementing best practice mixed-use developments processes and regulations that are used to inform Draft Variation 364 and the Territory Plan; and
(d) engage with the Gungahlin Town Centre community on mixed-use developments in their town centre.


GCC Public Meeting 10 February

GCC Public Meeting 10 February

The next public meeting of the Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) will be held on Wednesday 10 February 2021 at the Gungahlin Club, 51 Hinder St, Gungahlin at 6.30pm .


  • GCC Update, Peter Elford, GCC
  • Thoroughbred Park Development, Andrew Clark, CEO Canberra Racing Club
  • Consultation on the Canberra Hospital Master Plan, ACT Health
  • A PCYC Facility for Gungahlin, Cheryl O’Donnell, CEO, Canberra Police Community Youth Club

Community Consultation – Proposed Mixed Use Development – Blocks 3 & 4 Section 248 Gungahlin

[ Post created on behalf of Canberra Town Planning for Platinum Accounting ]

As part of the preparation of the Development Applications for the proposed development of the Blocks 3 & 4 Section 248 Gungahlin, the Proponent (Platinum Accounting) is undertaking a program of consultation to engage with the neighbouring community and key stakeholders. The first stage of this consultation program will be an Information Session whereby members of the community can attend to provide input on the proposals.

The Proponent invites interested members of the community to attend an information drop-in session to discuss and provide comments on its proposal for the site prior to the submission of a Development Application.

The session will be held in Function Room 1, Eastlake Football Club, 51 Hinder Street, Gungahlin on Thursday 10 December 2020 August 2020 from 5:30pm to 7pm.

The development will also be presented at the GCC December public meeting on 2 December.

For further information and to provide feedback on the proposed design, please visit https://ctpprojectpages.wixsite.com/gungahlin-res or contact Canberra Town Planning at admin@canberratownplanning.com.au or (02) 6262 5091.

GCC AGM and Public Meeting 2 December

GCC AGM and Public Meeting 2 December

The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Gungahlin Community Council Inc., and December public meeting, will be held in the Gungahlin Club commencing at 6.30pm on Wednesday 2 December 2020. The AGM will be held first.

Persons wishing to attend the AGM are strongly encouraged to sign up as a GCC member (it’s FREE!) as only registered members can vote in the event of an election for a nominated office bearer.

The meeting will be conducted under COVID safe rules in a room that can accommodate 76 persons UPDATED 29/11 – was 38). If you wish to attend, you must book a spot and receive a (free) ticket by clicking on the button below:

Public Meeting


  • GCC Update, President, GCC
  • Gungahlin Police Station Upgrade – Next Steps, Troy Roberts, AFP Association
  • A PCYC Facility for Gungahlin, Cheryl O’Donnell, CEO, Canberra Police Community Youth Club
  • Community Consultation for New Development – Blocks 3 & 4 Section 248 Gungahlin, Canberra Town Planning

Annual General Meeting

All committee positions will be declared vacant and nominations for all positions are required: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Officer and Committee Members (up to five) – as the Constitution allows for a maximum of 10 members of the committee. You must be a registered GCC member to nominate for an executive committee position (signup as a member).


A person is eligible for membership of the Council if the person is at least 16 years of age and one of:

(a) lives in the Gungahlin district;
(b) owns property in the Gungahlin district;
(c) works in the Gungahlin district;
(d) conducts a business in the Gungahlin district; or
(e) has been duly appointed to represent a social organisation or interest group servicing the Gungahlin district.

A person is not eligible to nominate to be an Office-Bearer of the Council if the person is;

(a) an Executive Officer of a registered political party;
(b) a person employed by a registered political party;
(c) a registered candidate for a forthcoming election; or
(d) an elected member of the ACT Legislative Assembly or any Parliament or a person who has been pre-selected or has nominated for a forthcoming election to any of the aforementioned bodies; or
(e) an office bearer in a commercial or industrial lobby group registered with the Federal or ACT Government.

Nominations should be sent by emailing a completed NOMINATION FORM to the Secretary (secretary@gcc.asn.au) no later than 6.00 pm Wednesday 25 November 2020. All nominations will be acknowledged by return email.

If nominating another person, please ensure that your nomination is acceptable to them. If you know someone who may be interested in the work of the Gungahlin Community Council, please pass this information on to them.

AGM Agenda

1. Opening and welcome
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of previous AGM held on 11 December 2019
4. Presentation of President’s Report for 2019-20120
5. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report (Financial Reports & Auditor’s Statement)

6. Appointment of Public Officer
7. Election of office bearers & general committee members for 2019-2020.
8. General Business

GCC Public Meeting 11 November

The November public meeting of the Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) will be held online at 6.30pm on Wednesday 11 November 2020. There will be a virtual meeting room running on the Zoom application, and this will be live streamed on Facebook via the GCC Facebook page. Attendees are strongly encouraged to join the Zoom virtual room meeting. Please REGISTER HERE and you will be emailed the link needed to join the Zoom meeting.


Community Consultation – Gungahlin Block 3 Section 229

[ Post created on behalf of POD Projects Group ]

POD Projects Group are proposing a world class mixed-use development on Block 3 Section 229 Gungahlin. It is a prime site of 11,797m2 within Gungahlin Town Centre bounded by Anthony Rolfe Avenue, Kate Crace Street, Ernest Cavanagh Street and Hinder Street. The site is proposed to be subdivided to create 3 separate blocks with 4 buildings constructed in stages over the next 8-10 years, with the first stage construction commencing immediately following planning approval.

The development will consist of a mix of residential, build-to-rent units, serviced apartments, commercial and home business premises. Building A is proposed to contain 150 dwellings, Building B1 & B2 contain 160 units each and Building C is proposed to contain 100 units. Approximately 1,600m2 of rooftop gardens are proposed across all 4 buildings and extensive landscaped shared zones including deep root plant zones are between all buildings to increase permeability through the site. This will connect Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Ernest Cavanagh Street. The proposal will also incorporate a number of sustainability initiatives to respond to climate change.

A virtual consultation will be held on 12th November 2020, should you wish to discuss the proposal, please register your interest via email (purdons@purdon.com.au). In addition, the proposal will be presented to the Gungahlin Community Council at their monthly meeting on 11th November 2020.

Visit our website for further details. A flyer is also attached for your information.

GCC Seeks NBN Upgrade for Casey Stage 1 and Hall

The GCC has met with a representative from the nbn on 29/9/20 regarding the recently announced upgrades to the National Broadband Network (NBN):

This meeting was followed up in writing as follows:

Upgrade Casey Stage 1 and Hall

The majority of the NBN infrastructure in the district of Gungahlin is based on Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) technology. One portion of one suburb, Casey Stage 1, was deployed with Fibre to the Node (FTTN) technology as was the adjacent village of Hall (see below). This represents some 850 premises. Particularly in Casey, this has created a significant digital disadvantage for residents in these areas with houses on different sides of the street with widely different broadband quality (eg. The forgotten side of the street in Canberra’s broadband network). The GCC asks that the nbn prioritise the upgrading of Casey Stage 1 and Hall to FTTP as part of the plan to investment “$3.5 billion to make NBN Co’s highest wholesale speed tiers available, as demand arises, to up to 75 per cent of homes and businesses on the fixed-line network by 2023, including … taking fibre deeper into neighbourhoods serviced by Fibre to the Node (FTTN) technology, enabling on demand fibre upgrades and speeds of up to 1 Gbps”.

Business Fibre Zones

The GCC is concerned that the the Business Fibre Zones (BFZ) initiative will attract businesses to those regions/districts identified in this new build program, at the expense of regions/districts, such as Gungahlin, where Enterprise Ethernet (business-grade, fibre-based) services are already available. The GCC ask that nbn promote all regions/districts where Enterprise Ethernet services are available, not just those which are to upgraded to this capability through the BFZ program.

The Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) is a very long term advocate for improved broadband services for the district of Gungahlin, having pushed for improvements to services in the district prior to the announcement of the NBN. The GCC is therefore a passionate and strong supporter of the NBN, and has featured in a number of NBN launch announcements and worked with nbn on a range of communications and community engagement issues.

We look forward to the completion of an “all-fibre” NBN footprint for Gungahlin!

Please engage with us early on the process by which the FTTN to FTTP upgrades will be identified and implemented (we understand there were some announcements on this last week).

NBN Mapping Tool – Yellow is FTTN; Purple is FTTP


ABS Census Test

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is about to conduct a Census Test in parts of Gungahlin. The test is part of ABS’ extensive planning for the next Census in August 2021.
Census data plays an important role in our community. For example, it has been used to help protect Canberrans at risk and keep communities safe. ACT Policing use Census data about population growth in suburbs and known pockets of vulnerability. This helps them foresee problems and allocate police and other community services where they’re needed most.

Census Test night is Tuesday 27 October 2020.

The Census Test is voluntary, but it’s important that everyone who is invited to participate takes part. The GCC strongly supports the ABS Census and encourages all those selected to do the Census Test to participate. Watch this video to learn more:

From 14 October, households in selected test locations will start receiving letters or forms with instructions on how to complete the Census Test from the ABS.

Not everyone in test locations will be asked to participate. If households don’t receive information from the ABS, there’s nothing they need to do.

Households can complete the Census Test online or on paper and should include everybody who stayed in their household on Census Test night, including visitors and babies.

If people don’t complete the test on Census Test night, they can still do it online afterwards or request a paper form. They may receive a reminder letter from us or in some areas (excluding Victoria) field staff may visit.

Residents can call the Census Test Contact Centre on 1800 512 441 and also find more information and self-service options at www.census.abs.gov.au