Gungahlin Land Releases 2020-21

Gungahlin Land Releases 2020-21

The availability of land in the ACT is driven by the ACT’s Government Land Release Program. A four-year Indicative Land Release Program  accompany’s each Territory Budget which sets out the Government’s intended land releases of residential, mixed use, commercial, industrial, and community and non-urban land.

The most recent four-year indicative land release program was published on 4 June 2019 covering the period 2019-20 through to 2022-23. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACT budget for 2020-21 (normally scheduled for early June) was postponed until after the ACT Election in October 2020. An August 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update was published on 24 August and this contains an updated Indicative Land Release Program for just 2020-21 (p. 149-153).

The table below shows the differences between the original four-year indicative plan (2019) and the August 2020 update for 2020-21. Some further details on are included for each suburb and the GCC thanks staff from the Surban Land Agency (SLA) and Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) for providing much of this information.

Mixed Use AreaCommercialCommunity
As of
August 2020
As of
June 2019
As of
August 2020
As of
June 2019
As of
August 2020
As of
June 2019
As of
August 2020
As of
June 2019


The land expected to be released is two large blocks along Kingsland Parade – blocks 12, 13 of section 132 Casey. Although zoned as commercial, they are part of an arrangement associated with the development of the Casey group centre, outlined in a MyGungahlin article in 2018. Essentially these two blocks will be serviced by the developer of the Casey group centre and then handed back to the ACT government for community use. EPSDD are going through a process of consultation to determine what these community uses might be – an early insight on the “needs analysis”  part of this consultation was provided at the GCC’s February 2020 meeting. The 100 residential dwellings would be part of this development.


The large commercal site included in the land release program in 2019-20 (Block 1 Section 228 Gungahlin) is not expected to be brought to market in 2020-21. This site is zoned commercial, but with the option of community use and is currently being used as a car park.

The mixed use developments are unchanged from last year, and are made up of blocks 3, 5 and 6 of section 249 Gungahlin. Notably, Block 6 extends to the proposed linear park. Planning for the linear park will include a consultation commencing after the ACT Election to be undertaken by the SLA. With the potential increase in the number of residential dwellings in the town centre, the GCC would like to see the scale of the linear park, and other green space in the town centre, expanded.


The release of 350 dwellings in Jacka won’t happen in 2020-21 – the Development Application for the next phase of Jacka was only submitted in July 2020. The GCC had some concerns with this DA including that it

  • Failed to address the significance of the Elm Grove heritage listing,
  • Proposes significant loss of Trees and Woodland, and
  • Poorly consulted with the community.

These article might also be of interest – Jacka development’s heritage impact on Elm Grove catastrophic, says report


No change for Moncrief with the focus on the likely sale of the blocks that will form the group centre located on Horse Park Drive (Blocks 1 and 2, Section 22). Eactly how these sites will be brought to market is yet to be determined (separately, together, etc.). It’s likely that a supermarket will be included, as well as at least 90 residential dwellings in the mixed use site (lighter blue).


Obviously a large number of residential dwellings are scheduled to come to market in Taylor, as well as the commercial site that will form the Taylor local centre. The community site is for the proposed Hindu temple.


The headline change for Throsby is the the new primary school for which the Development Application was lodged in July 2020. The school will cater for 450 kindergarten to year 6 students plus 123 preschool students, with space to grow with the population, and is expected to be opened in 2022.


The suburb of Kenny is the last suburb planned for Gungahlin. The ACT territory plans shows Kenny as it was originally planned to be prior to the Gungahlin Strategic Assessment (first picture below). As a result of the assessment, the decision to create an additonal environmental offset reserve, and the physical constraints of the remaining area, Kenny will be much smaller. Detailed planning for Kenny is currently underway, but the site for the Kenny high school has been confirmed, and it’s construction is proceeding ahead of the rest of suburb, and is expected to be completed in time for the 2023 school year.



GCC Public Meeting 14 October


The October public meeting of the Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) will be held online at 6.30pm on Wednesday 14 October 2020. There will be a virtual meeting room running on the Zoom application, and this will be live streamed on Facebook via the GCC Facebook page. Attendees are strongly encouraged to join the Zoom virtual room meeting. Please REGISTER HERE and you will be emailed the link needed to join the Zoom meeting.


ACT Election 2020 – Community of Nicholls Residents Group

[ posted on behalf of the Community of Nicholls Residents Group (CNRG) at their request ]

ACT Election – Party & Candidate responses to CNRG’s “Securing the future of our green space” Letter

On behalf of the Nicholls Community, CNRG’s objective has been to secure the long term future of the Gold Creek Golf Course (GCGC) and its surrounding green space. In mid-July, Political Parties and Candidates contesting the upcoming ACT Election in the Electorate of Yerrabi were asked their position on re-zoning and commercial development of this space.

While a few of the responses received were unambiguous in their opposition to any re-zoning of the GCGC land, others only referred to their opposition to the proposal as put forward in April 2018 and/or would decide at the time if a firm proposal was ever lodged.

To assist residents in developing a view on preferred Candidates, CNRG has assessed the responses according to the level of confidence that our objective will be achieved, as follows (with relevant extracts from the responses).

The full responses, along with a generic copy of CNRG’s letter, are available on the CNRG website. Residents are encouraged to further review and consider these before casting your ballot,


Canberra Liberals

“The Canberra Liberals were the first Party to come out against the rezoning of the Gold Creek Golf Course, and we remain steadfast in our position. All Canberra Liberals MLAs and candidates oppose rezoning of this green space for development.

The Canberra Liberals understand what makes Nicholls great and the need to ensure the character of the suburb is maintained.

Jacob Vadakkedathu

“In response to your letter seeking my stand on the Golf course issue, I would like to state the following: 

  1. I strongly support the protection of existing pristine green spaces in Canberra from development by developers; 
  2. I oppose redevelopment of any part of the Gold Creek Golf Course and its surrounding green space, and 

I would strongly object if an Application to amend the current Purpose Clause in the Gold Creek Country Club Lease and/or to amend the zoning of the Block & Sections encompassing the Gold Creek Golf Course and its surrounding green space were to come before the Legislative Assembly.”

David Pollard (David Pollard Party)

“Put clearly, I would oppose any variation to the lease or zoning that would allow residential or commercial development on this green space. There are multiple reasons for my position, but the two standouts are:

  1.  I believe we should be protecting as much green space as we can in Yerrabi and all of Canberra.
  2.  I believe that the community voice is critical in any significant change in planning direction (rezoning, lease variation), and the community voice in

Nicholls has been abundantly clear regarding this land.”

Bethany Williams (ACT Progressives)

“I base every decision I make on evidence, fairness and ethics. My opposition to the rezoning and potential redevelopment of 49 hectares of the Gold Creek Golf Course is purely based on the information I have read, which does not compel me to share the views of the developer. So if elected, I will be opposing any rezoning of any parts of the Gold Creek Golf Course for development.

Less Confident

ACT Labor

“I note the ongoing concerns you have outlined in your email regarding the proposed redevelopment of Gold Creek Golf Course. Given the community opposition to this redevelopment as put forward by the proponents, ACT Labor cannot support this proposal as it was presented to the community in April 2018.”

Deepak-Raj Gupta (ACT Labor)

“I am aware that my colleagues extended their support to CNRG regarding a previous proposal to develop the Gold Creek Country Club. … I would like to echo their position, in particular that developers should respect community views. … Nicholls is a beautiful part of Canberra and I am committed to supporting its residents and maintaining the unique character of the area.

If there are any proposals to develop or rezone the golf course in the future, I will continue to work with and listen to the community so we can prioritise open spaces.”

ACT Greens

“After listening to the community’s concerns about the proposal put forward by the Gold Creek Country Club, the ACT Greens would not support it in its current form. Should a future proposal come forward that addresses these concerns, the Greens would consider community views at the time and consider it on its merits.”

Mainul Haque (ACT Greens)

“I am for need based policies and not for greed and would not support any development that is against the wishes and interest of our community.

I would not support the proposal in its current form. I would consider community views and a revised proposal that addresses these concerns, on its merits.”

Community Consultation – Gungahlin Block 7 Section 249

[ Post created on behalf of Dish Developments with Turco and Associates ]

Dish Developments with Turco and Associates is pleased to present its first residential development in Gungahlin for pre-DA community consultation.

Situated on the corner of Kate Crace Street and Camilleri Way, the site looks out over the Mulanggari Grasslands Nature Reserve and abuts a ribbon of public open space that runs through to Flemington Road and beyond.

The proposal delivers 70 two and three-bedroom townhouses and 29 one and two-bedroom apartments in a mix of two and three storey buildings. In line with the ACT Government’s conditions of sale, the apartment building incorporates 28 affordable dwellings. All parking for the development (resident and visitor) is provided in a single level basement that runs the length of the site. Each of the townhouses has direct access from a secure space in the basement.

A presentation on the proposal can be accessed at the following link:

Comments, questions and feedback from the community are welcome and can be sent to – we will aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.


ACT Election 2020 Expectations

The Gungahlin Community Council expects Yerrabi MLAs to be advocates for issues and accountable for decisions that impact Gungahlin residents and businesses. Over the next term of government, Yerrabi MLAs must strive to complete Gungahlin as a fully serviced district. The Gungahlin community needs are:

Planning and Community Engagement

Community Facilities

  • Address shortfall in sport, recreation and community services
  • Expand, improve and maintain green spaces
  • Establish community spaces at town centre, group and suburb levels
  • Facilitate more retirement and aged care facilities
  • Activate spaces through events, festivals, markets, etc.


  • Halt the loss of town centre commercial space to mixed/residential
  • Actively attract more employers to Gungahlin

Town Centre

  • Fix traffic flow and parking issues
  • Reconsider the employment and green space impact of DV364
  • Enable greater variety and quality of retail outlets
  • Improve active travel to/from town centre


  • Complete road infrastructure including any remaining duplications
  • Improve commute times on public transport

Public Safety

  • Upgrade police presence (staffing and station)
  • Fix town centre and traffic issues
  • Identify other road safety hotspots across Gungahlin
  • Address physical safety concerns (e.g. Yerrabi Pond lighting)

Download as PDF

GCC ACT Election Forum 9 September

The next GCC public meeting will be an ACT Election Forum to be held on Wednesday 9 September starting at 6:30pm. The Forum will be for candidates in the ACT seat of Yerrabi and will be conducted online using Zoom and live streamed on the GCC’s Facebook page. The aim of the Forum is to provide residents of Gungahlin a chance to identify and hear from candidates for the ACT seat of Yerrabi.

To join the the Forum, please REGISTER beforehand to receive the meeting details via email.

All parties registered for the ACT Election have been invited to attend, and all candidates have been asked to provide written answers to simple questions about Gungahlin ahead of the Forum. Candidate responses can be found at ACT Election 2020 Yerrabi Candidates Summary. The aim of this simple Q&A is to provide a succinct, Gungahlin-centric, “upfront” view of all candidates to assist residents in forming questions.

Candidates have also been sent a copy of the GCC’s ACT Election 2020 Expectations  which outlines the GCC’s understanding of what’s important to Gungahlin residents.


  1. Welcome and Introductions, Forum Host, Peter Elford, GCC
  2. Candidate Introductions, Yerrabi Candidates (3-4 minutes each)
  3. Open Question and Answers

If you have pre-prepared questions, please email them to the GCC prior to the event. Questions should be directed to specific candidates, to a specific party, or able to be answered with a show of hands. If a question is directed to a party that is represented by multiple candidates, only one candidate will be asked by the host to respond.

The aim of this Forum structure is to maximise the Q&A time – we are aiming for an hour of candidates speaking, and an hour of Q&A – ending at 8:30pm.



Amended DA for The Establishment Refused

The amended development application for high-rise residential project known as The Establishment (formerly Air Towers) has been refused.

The comprehensive Notice of Decision states that:

  • The application was refused because it was found to not meet the relevant rules and criteria of the Territory Plan. In particular, the application was considered inconsistent with:
  • the relevant codes, being the Draft Variation 364 (DV364), Commercial Zones Development Code (CZDC), Multi Unit Housing Development Code (MUHDC), Parking and Vehicular Access General Code; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and
  • the advice received from entities, including:
    • Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS)
    • The Tree Protection Unit (TPU) of the Conservator of Flora and Fauna
    • Icon Water
    • Environment Protection Authority (EPA); and
    • Early Childhood Regulatory Policy and Coordination (CECA)

The GCC was opposed to this amendment and therefore welcomes the decision. The issues raised by the GCC on behalf of Gungahlin residents were all explicitly addressed in the DA’s assessment and the GCC applauds the enforcement of the planning rules that are in place. We would also like to acknowledge the strong position the YMCA undertook to ensure the viability and safety of their early childhood centre so that it can continue to provide services to the Gungahlin community.

Gungahlin Cinema and DHA Office Parking Decisions

Gungahlin Cinema and DHA Office Parking Decisions

The Development Applications (DAs) for both the Gungahlin Cinema complex (DA 201936502) and Defence Housing Australia (DHA) office block (DA 201936603) were both recently approved. In both cases the proponent (ie. the developer) included significantly fewer car parking spaces in their plans for each development than required by the ACT Government’s Parking and Vehicle Access Code (PVAC) as summarised below:

Development Description
(Linked to Notice of Decision)
Development Application NumberParking Spaces ProposedParking Spaces Required by PVAC
Gungahlin Cinema Complex
"two storey building, approximately 117 car parking spaces, ground level commercial space, upper level cinema space"
DHA Office Building
"three-storey commercial building comprising of five retail spaces on ground level, office space on the upper levels, ground and basement level car parking, bicycle facilities, an awning encroachment over Hibberson Street verge and Hinder Street verge, landscaping"

The Notices of Decision for these DAs explain why these decisions were made:

Cinema DA

– The PVAC is inequitable in that it requires 1 space per 4 seats for cinemas in town centres and 1 space per 12 seats in the city centre (equal to 136 spaces).
– The proposal is adjacent to a light rail stop and existing car parking spaces. The peak usage of the cinema will be after hours and at the weekend, when demand for parking from surrounding commercial uses will be reduced.
– The Gungahlin community has been anticipating a cinema on this site for a considerable time. The applicant has made it clear the development may not be viable if additional parking is required.

DHA Building DA

… justifiable given the proximity of the site to public transport networks including a light rail stop directly adjacent to the development

Mark Scarborough (MyGungahlin) and the GCC approached the Minister for Planning and the Planning Directorate as we were concerned these decisions were not consistent with published policy (PVAC), would set a precedent for other developnments, and unfairly impact existing developments that have provided parking.

We received a response from the Minister for Planning and a response from the Dircector-General of Planning – the major points from this second letter are:

  • the PVAC is not a rules-based code. Section 1.4 of the PVAC “provides the flexibility to enable a proposal to be supported when the proponent can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Territory that the objectives can be met by either the provision of a lesser on-site rate or by utilising spare capacity in publicly available on-street or off-street parking”
  • the Directorate’s analysis indicates there are approximately 4,100 parking spaces within the town centre available comprising both public and private spaces. A weekday survey of undertaken in late 2019 indicated was a 65% utilisation of short-stay places and a 57% utilisation of long-stay places.

The GCC has sought more information about this parking survey and hope to faciliate a further update from EPSDD at our October meeting regarding parking and traffic flow in the town centre.

Image of DHA and Cinema development (from DA 201936603)

GCC Public Meeting 12 August

The August public meeting of the Gungahlin Community Council (GCC) will be held online at 6.30pm on Wednesday 12 August 2020. There will be a virtual meeting room running on the Zoom application, and this will be live streamed on Facebook on the GCC Facebook pages. Attendess are strongly encouraged to join the Zoom virtual room meeting. Please REGISTER HERE and you will be emailed the link needed to join the Zoom meeting.


  • Current GCC Activities, Peter Elford, GCC
  • Community Services in Gungahlin, Suzanne Orr, Yerrabi MLA, Minister for Community Services
  • Gungahlin Tennis Facilities, Kim Kachel, Tennis ACT CEO
  • Rotary Gungahlin Initiatives, Sandra GoldStraw, President, Rotary Club of Gungahlin
  • The DESIGN Canberra Festival in Gungahlin, Kate Nixon, Program Director, Craft ACT

Potential Gungahlin Fast Track Projects

The Fast Tracks program is one of the ACT government’s economic stimulus responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of Fast Tracks projects in Gungahlin have already been announced.

Thise table is a summary of other projects that the Gungahlin community has identified which the GCC will pass onto the ACT government for consideration.

Please leave a comment, or email the GCC with details of projects that you think should be added to this list! Projects need to be able to be started immediately and be delivered by local businesses and include “infrastructure and maintenance work on government-owned community buildings, schools and other facilities across the city”. This means they cannot be complex or require products to be ordered, etc. Look at these for examples – Fast Tracks projects in Gungahlin

Project DescriptionMap
Connect path across Yerrabi Pond dam at Western end to existing footpath
Seal dirt path to complete concrete path behind houses along Bunduluk Street
Repair the erosion along this segment of the Centennial Trail and remedy the boggy section at the Northern end of the marked section (which is causing trail spread)
Construct a path between Lester Street and the bus stop on Crackerjack Way
Complete Nurdurr Drive as a road
Extend the existing Fast Track project to build a multi-use path behind Palmerston all the way through to Gungahlin Drive (could just be a gravel path)
Provide pedestrian crossings across Gribble Street to/from Bunnings and Hibberson Street to/from Library (perhaps lights at this intersection)
Install traffic lights at intersection of Gozzard St and Valley Way
Complete the duplication of Anthony Rolfe Ave between Gundaroo Drive and Gozzard St
Improve the quality and accessibility of the Old Wells Station Road behind Harrison and Mother Theresa schools. Seal a path to avoid flooding, and allow access for mobility scooters and strollers over cattle grid
A pedestrian bridge over Gundaroo Drive between Anthony Rolfe Ave and Gribble Street to better and more safely connect the town centre to Yerrabi Pond Park.
Seal dirt track at intersection of Newlop Street and Horse Park Drive