Canberra’s first light rail vehicle (LRV) arrived just before Christmas marking a major step towards an integrated public transport network.

The new LRV is the first of 14 vehicles which will be arriving over the coming months.



Each LRV is made up of two modules with a driving cab at each end. Inside there is room to carry 207 passengers per tram, 66 seated and 141 standing.

The LRVs are state-of-the-art and have been designed to provide on-board safety and comfort. They are equipped with on-board Wi-Fi as well as air conditioning and dedicated spaces for wheelchairs and bicycles, making it an accessible, practical and comfortable transport solution.

The light rail vehicle is powered by electricity, which it draws from an overhead wire. The driver controls the vehicle’s speed and braking as the light rail vehicle is steered along its path by rails, in the same way that trains are on train tracks.

The light rail system has its own dedicated corridor and does not share the road with other vehicles. This will help to assure the speed and reliability of the service leading to better journey times.

Canberra’s light rail is fast approaching, keep in mind:

Safety Tips:

  • The overhead wire is LIVE and carries 750 volts of power. Always keep a safe distance from the overhead wire and never come into contact with it.
  • The overhead wire is more than 6 metres above road level. Be aware and make sure that your vehicle/load does not come into close contact with the overhead wire.
  • It is safe to walk on the tracks. It is safe to ride across the tracks.
  • Pedestrians should only cross the track at designated crossings.

For more information about Stage 1 of Canberra’s Light Rail, Gungahlin to City, visit

Article provide by Canberra Metro. 

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