The Gungahlin Community Council expects Yerrabi MLAs to be advocates for issues and accountable for decisions that impact Gungahlin residents and businesses. Over the next term of government, Yerrabi MLAs must strive to complete Gungahlin as a fully serviced district. The Gungahlin community needs are:

Planning and Community Engagement

Community Facilities

  • Address shortfall in sport, recreation and community services
  • Expand, improve and maintain green spaces
  • Establish community spaces at town centre, group and suburb levels
  • Facilitate more retirement and aged care facilities
  • Activate spaces through events, festivals, markets, etc.


  • Halt the loss of town centre commercial space to mixed/residential
  • Actively attract more employers to Gungahlin

Town Centre

  • Fix traffic flow and parking issues
  • Reconsider the employment and green space impact of DV364
  • Enable greater variety and quality of retail outlets
  • Improve active travel to/from town centre


  • Complete road infrastructure including any remaining duplications
  • Improve commute times on public transport

Public Safety

  • Upgrade police presence (staffing and station)
  • Fix town centre and traffic issues
  • Identify other road safety hotspots across Gungahlin
  • Address physical safety concerns (e.g. Yerrabi Pond lighting)

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